New update WW-31.1010.0411.89

TuatheTuathe Level 1
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There is new update for Zenfone 8 - i found it serching on some random links on FOTA:

After download put file in root directory of phone and rename file to:

Then restart device - it should detect update in few min.


1. Updated Android security patch to 2022-05-05

2. Fix issue with Quick settings panel turning black when using VPN

3. Fix no response issue when using HK Octopus app with NFC



  • MrAvengerMrAvenger Level 2

    nice pickup...I wonder if it fixes the proximity sensor issue with the dialer.

  • Can you paste the link pls? Not on every country searching this is available...

  • TuatheTuathe Level 1

    There is a link :) but as a raw text - I can't post a full link

  • frantsyfrantsy Level 2

    The firmware is already available in some ASUS support sites, e.g. UK, HK..

    But I don't know why I cannot post links here.

  • Done, thank you.

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