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I have some apps that I would like to have running when the screen is of, like Runkeeper and Music player. But after a few minutes they shuts down by the power master app. It seems like it used to be possible to change settings in this app before but it's no longer possible. Why is that? Now I can't use these apps when I'm out running to keep track and listen to music. Is there any solution?


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    Anyone? Had an email conversation with support, but they can't help me with this, they don't seem to understand my issue that apps that I use when screen off shuts down after approx 15min. All battery settings they've asked me to try has failed. Power master had previously had more settings that's been removed.... Crazy. Maybe need to turn back to Sony phone again.

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    have you tried turning off :

    background app management; and

    adaptive battery?

    you can also set an app's battery option to "unrestricted"

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    Yes I've tried all of this and it doesn't help.

    I attach two picture of answers from support, what the wanted me to test.

    The picture with power master settings, I don't have those settings in my power master app. I think they are gone in later versions of the app.

  • Hi @Pliggen

    It seems this info is a bit old but, boy do I got the solution for you!

    The apps you want to keep on can be kept on if you long-press the app and go to (i) App info.

    If your scroll a little you'll see the Battery option, press it.

    You should have an option called "Background app management" <-- turning this off will keep your app from turning off while you have your phone on standby.

    Please remember that this will eventually drain your battery more than usual since the app will indeed be running in the background.

    Let me know how it goes!

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    This doesn't help. Apps closes anyway.

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