💥💣Asus rog phone 3 android 12 When will the stable version be released?

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Model Name: Asus rog phone 3

Firmware Version:18.0410.2203.201

Rooted or not:no

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Yes friends hello Asus rog phone 3 android 12 is currently in beta. When will stable m come out? When is the exact date? Will Android 13 come?


  • Hello!

    I have no information regarding the full A12 at this moment but we will announce it close to release.

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    thanks admin. So will android 13 come for rog3? 💋💋😄

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    In 2021 They said that it wil be released in the first half of 2022.. first half is gone sleepheads .. worst phone to buy surely

  • just like that they do it too late


    Well, 1h2022 still has 10 days.


    Guess they are busy with ROG 6 launch.

    Forum already created

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