2.4ghz not showing anymore

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So my phone had a wifi turning off problem after that it got fine for few days but not only 5ghz wifi shows and can't see any 2.4ghz wifi networks! Tried on many routers but it's all the same my rog 2 can find every network but this rog 3 isn't showing 2.4ghz ;(


  • And forgot to say even in wifi hotspot 2.4 can't be shown on other devices but 5ghz works fine anyone knows which chip and antenna is responsible on the board for wifi

  • Hello!

    Please try resetting your network settings and see if that solves it :)

    Settings > System > Reset options > Reset WiFi, mobile & Bluetooth

    Let me know if this fixes your issue!

  • Thanks for late reply i broke the phones screen and i am pretty sure i will never buy anything from asus again!

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