Rubbish Flagship

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Sorry but after a usage of 1 year I can say that the Zenfone 8 compared to other phones which costs the half is a Rubbish Flagship.

Hardware Problems, Software Problems always after an update. It doesn't matter where they came from wether Asus or 3rd Party.

Fingerprint is not really working properly, Smart Lock is not really Working properly, Audio Problems in 3rd party Apps if a Smart Watch is connected and released for phone calls.

SafetyUpdate is from the 5th April...

What else schold I write....

Sorry but I am really pissed.

I will get rid of that piece of Phone, Thank you for Nothing!


  • landsomelandsome Level 2

    I have had a totally different experience. After a few early months in which Asus updated the poor release software very frequently, almost all issues were solved. Everything works quite well now. Although I have quite a few comparable phones (Pixel 5, Pixel 4a, Xperia 5 mk2) that also work well, I keep returning to the Z8, which I clearly use the most.

    Almost all problems I had after the update to A12 were in fact solved by a reset.

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