Swipe-down menu icons in Android 13?

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Will you revert to the smaller icons in android 13 that was in the android 11 version? They are really big and awful in android 12. Stops me from updating. At least let us choose.

This is possible to do, Samsung did it in their android 12.

Br Mikael


  • Hello!

    I was checking and this issue can be fixed by going Settings -> Display -> Display size.

    You can change the size of the apps there, and if you feel like the text looks a bit small you can change it in.

    Settings -> Display -> Font size.

    Let me know if this helps out!

  • Pliggen Pliggen Level 1

    I mean the icons in the quick settings menu that you pull down. See pictures. I don't see the point of doing the icons that big. And also the slide for screen brightness is huge! Samsung made it possible to choose the smaller ones that were present on android 11. Can you do the same? I won't update to A12 if this isn't changed.

    Br Mikael

  • Pliggen Pliggen Level 1

    No response? Any idea?

  • Pliggen Pliggen Level 1

    Please follow up when you start to answer a question. It helps the users to get accurate answers....

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