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prageethvprageethv Level 1
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If call recieved while watching YouTube stream , after the call, screen dims and auto brightness cease to work


  • atanasuzunovatanasuzunov Level 1
    edited May 29

    I also have this issue. In my case I'm watching fullscreen TV with EON app when someone calls me. This is very annoying - after the call, the auto brightness stops working until the next reboot. Even more, while the issue is triggered, the proximity sensor during calls starts to react with large delays - when I remove the phone from the ear, the screen may not turn on for long time. In most cases I have to press several times the power button to turn the screen on.

    While auto brightness is not working, the Light sensor SMMI test shows ADC=0 constantly.

  • Hi prageethv,

    Thanks for reporting. Can you please also confirm the software version.

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