ZenBook 13 OLED UM325UA Display bug problem with color/brightness

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  1. System: ZenBook 13 OLED UM325UA
  2. Battery or AC: Both
  3. Model:
  4. Frequency of occurrence: ALWAYS
  5. Reset OS: Many times, tried both W10 and W11
  6. Screenshot or video:


Detailed description:

I have this problem with the screen, a bug that causes a glow to be present and change color when the brightness decreases/increases.

It is ALWAYS present, in the videos i recorded it is visible as "glow" in the logo scene but this strange color problem is present in every image the display shows

It is just very noticeable as a glow in that scene.

I tried everything, i did many clean install of Windows, trying both W10 and W11, the problem still persist.

I tried installing many graphic driver versions, including both the ones suggested on product page by ASUSand the latest version available on the AMD website, nothing changes.

I tried changing color profiles between ASUS Splendid profile and with the "neutral" provided by Windows, nothing changes.

I tried disabling every power saving feature + did every test while the charger was plugged in but nothing, the problem still persist

I tried disabling every OLED Care feature in the MyASUS app just to be sure but nothing, the problem still persist.

I checked if there is some adaptive contrast feature built in windows that may cause this problem but nothing, i didn't saw an option for that

At some point, i decided to ask help to ASUS support for this problem, they told me i had to send them my laptop to "repair" the problem, after they got the laptop,

they told me that the first thing they did was a clean install of the OS with their image (the one they provide with all the programms pre-installed which should be pre-configured)

and they told me that there was no such problem, the screen was perfect, they even sent me videos showing me that even if they were trying to riproduce the problem, there was none.

After i got my laptop back, i immediately checked which driver version was installed on the laptop, convinced that it was the cause of the problem.

After that i did a clean install of W11 (i wanted W11 instead of W10 and all of those bloatware which they come with the pre-installed image)

I installed the same driver version that was installed on the laptop when they returned it to me but nothing, i still have the same problem, i tried installing the same version on W10 but i still have the same problem.

Can someone please help me? i discovered this problem 2 months ago and i am still trying to fix it unsuccessfully.

In the Windows settings, the display is showing correctly as 1080p 60Hz 10 Bit RGB.

When switching to HDR ON, W11 also shows the maximum peak brightness and the HDR Certification but both on my device are incorrect,

the peak brightness should be 550 Nits and the HDR certification should be HDR True Black 500(as stated on the official product page on the ASUS Website)

But on my device it is shown as 616 Nits peak brightness and missing HDR certification.

Unfortunatly, i did (like an idiot) also deleted the recovery partition when i did a clean install of W11, so i cannot reinstall the image of the OS the laptop came with from the manufacter

the video i am showing in the recording is a HDR video file, but i repeat, the problem is ALWAYS present, in every image that is displayed on the screen, i can notice it even in some wallpapers



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