No way to use FM Radio?

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There's no way it seems to use the ZenFone 8's FM Radio on my phone. There's no FM Radio app and I can't find a mention of it anywhere on the phone itself (Latest Android 12 version) It's strange when a feature is advertised and the manual doesn't mention it at all....

I've had this phone since October, and I live in the UK, but had to get the phone from Germany if that matters.


  • You probably have the EU model, which doesn't have an FM radio (due to an EU law about the sale of FM radios without DAB in the EU). I'm also in the UK and ASUS have, until recently at least, sold the WW version in the UK in a UKCA branded box. But I notice now that the SKU on their website is the EU version. When I contacted them for an update no-one was able to confirm the version I would receive if I ordered from the website.

    As far as I know it is not possible to enable a radio on the EU model, for example by installing the WW firmware.

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    That does explain it, there's no UKCA marking on the box and the C.P/N code does end in EU. That also explains the Europlug in the box. Damn Amazon.

    I would like to mention the phone is running the WW version of the firmware.

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    in A12 check if there's an FM radio on the dropdown menu from the top with the actions like aeroplane mode etc.

    Im in oz, i dont have an FM radio app ... but .. i can get to the app via the toggle buttons at the top dropdown.

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    Unfortunately, there's no option at all in the drop down menu.

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