Battery discharging while playing on Bypass or Regular Charging

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Model Name: ASUS ROG Phone 5S Pro

Firmware Version: 31.0810.1226.84

Rooted or not: Not

Frequency of Occurrence: All the time after updating

APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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Battery is discharging quick while playing on Bypass or Regular Charging. Issue started after latest update.


  • I also have the same problem but maybe i solved it ... so if you start to play games and your phone/battery get hot and you plug the charger when the phone is hot the bypass charger will not work so good and your phone will still drain the battery slower but it will drain it..... so you can try to put your charger at bypass mode when the phone is cold and after this try to play games and i think you will not have any problems

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    In Android 11 it's the same, charging or charging bypass does anything, with or without ARmoury Create, there is the temperature when plugged in but if the screen is off it charges normally. When you start with the bypass and go into loading it remains in bypass, by turning off the screen for several minutes it resumes charging, or not!!

    I launched a game 1h30 ago with the bypass and I just noticed that my battery lost 25%, the system was at 40° for your information

    In short, it's so nonsense that I always have a usb controller to check, but you must never forget to look at it, which I didn't do this morning :(

    What is certain is that there is a limit linked to the temperature but completely buggy

  • Hello!

    Most phones nowadays have a "fail-safe" so they don't overheat when charging.

    As @excavation5 explained, connecting your phone while it's cold will work fine.

    This is so that the battery doesn't get overheated and cause issues or damage to the device.

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