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  1. Battery or AC: Battery
  2. Model: Vivobook S512FLC
  3. Frequency of occurrence: Random
  4. Screenshot or video: Attached

System: ASUS Vivobook S512FLCS========================

Detailed description:This is a repost as I was having issues with a previous post that eventually closed. When the AC Adapter is plugged in on Windows 11, I normally will see grey lines and a green flicker randomly flash on my screen. I updated the BIOS on my computer to the version released in May 2021 and updated the graphics, camera, and chipset drivers. I also sent it in for repair to an ASUS repair center and they replaced the applicable parts. However, when I have manycam virtual webcam running in the background and select it as an option (instead of the normal webcam) when joining a video chat, then there is no issue. When I use manycam by itself, the problem still exists. This issue is not present on Ubuntu (a distribution of Linux). I have contacted Microsoft numerous times and they have not provided a working solution. How do I fix this issue?

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