my phone is completely dead i need help

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hello , i want to send my phone to asus maintenance team for fixing dead issue Rog 3

i cant open or turn on my phone rog 3 with middle east branchs asus theres no maintenance for phone rog 3 in all middle east , please let me know about shipping address for fixing my phone rog 3 .

if there's any solution guys let me know


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    My Asus phone is completely dead I want new phone 5 ram

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    I am from the middle east too and I am facing this problem as well and I am working on it in the mean time

    @Danishblunt - one of the best here tbh - said that 99.999999% the power ic. Worn power ic cause dead phone, restarts, black screen and freezes. It all depends on how damaged the chip is

    the chip is PM8150B 102 ( for rog 2 , rog 3 and some Xiaomi versions )

    you can find it online , order it then go to repair shop and they will do the rest

    this is a vid how to replace this part regardless to the cause to help the repair shop fixing the issue because unfortunately, there is no an authorized maintenance shop for ASUS in middle easy

    hope this is help

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    thank you for this information i will soon order it and give you details

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    i ordered PM8150B 102 IC and i went to repair store he said this IC cant install on ur motherboard isn't the same so i look the old one it was different model (Qualcomm PM8150L 103 PE920x4wI4) , i want to know where i can buy original one and is there any problem if i found same IC model but different serial code (PE920x4wI4) ?

    can someone send link for Qualcomm PM8150L 103 original ?

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    also im not sure if this was real problem or not becuase maintenance man said need to make double check before change

  • What the fk is going on on some of the components.

    Also any PM8150L 103 chip is fine, it's not brand specific. Also it's generally advisable to replace both power IC's. Yes the Rog Phone 3 has 2 power IC's. From what I know the B chip has a much higher chance of dying.

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