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Time for me to buy a new phone. Any chance of an inside tip on when the zenfone 9 flip will be released?


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    I'm too looking to buy a new phone. Browsing zenfone 9 will be released by the end of August, now is end of 2022?

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    ROG 6 will be launched probably in July (already teased as having a 165 Hz display) and there is no sign yet that is a ZenFone in the making. If will be a ZF 9 why should be launched with the same 8 Gen 1 plus processor as ROG 6 ? :) It is not quite smart I suppose, considering the timeline. So having it in August or even in the end of 2022 will follow the same logic (imho) and Asus didn't have big volumes in sales with 7 or 8 series. If there will be a ZF 9, probably will be at the end of 2022 with the latest processor from Qualcomm.... to be launched in 2023 :)

    And only that... maybe will increase somehow the sales for a ZF (novelty factor and being the first - as Xiaomi did in the past, and I'm saying this as an example). If you still like the Asus smartphones, buy a ROG phone instead (pun intended) :)

  • Yes......

    ASUS team has a plan to launch the successor of ZenFone 8 series at the last quarter of this year 2022.

    But there are not have any surety that they will bring the FLIP varient in that series.

    Take it with a pinch of salt,

    I heard from various leaks that ASUS has discontinued the FLIP Camera mechanism from their smartphone series.

    So, may be we will see normal handset (like ZENFONE 8 compact) from ASUS in next launch.

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    I found this online

    Looks like it is in the works,I certainly hope so the round flip camera looks good and possibly a little lighter than the current flip camera

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    Dreams. Will never gonna be happened. The only and the only at all chance for a ZF to be there and get some profit will be to first to have the next Qualcomm processor. Some other people will render their dreams. Their support for the Camera [ZF7, 8 , ROG...] it is close to none Simply don't expect them to flip to any Flip. Wonder yourself if simply and eventually will be any of ZF series at all (I am seriously doubt it)

    Ad: " Long live the ROG. It triggers at one shot only Don't be Zen. Be something with your phone"

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    Until there are any credible sources of information/leaks, I wouldn't trust any of these 3D rendering clips on YouTube 'cause they are just some concept work by some people on the internet and not from ASUS. In short, I'd call them fake news :)

    It'll be cool if there's another flip cam -- given that it provides that full screen (with no hole punch) experience which I truly love -- but I might not consider the next Flip until ASUS finds a way to upgrade its camera algorithms and physically keep the camera module in place when not in use. It really annoys me how the camera module can easily get popped out with just the slightest knock on the table.

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    Yes I hope The keep the flip camera,I love it. I like the artists idea about the camera being round, it looks good. I thought it was probably as you call it fake news pity I'd buy one tomorrow 🤣

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    I actually think the round flip camera wouldn't be that good of an idea, both aesthetically and functionally 🤔. But yeah, it's just some personal taste thing haha.

    I feel like ASUS would be better off if they just go with the pop-up cameras like the ones we've seen on the OnePlus 7 Pro or OPPO Reno/Reno2, which are more sturdy. Again, I like the flip camera idea a lot because it provides a full-screen experience and different camera angles (a more flexible camera shooting experience). But I don't think this gimmick is attracting enough sales at the cost of so many issues.

    I'm also just not confident in ASUS that they are capable or willing to solve all the issues that come with it, now that I haven't seen that many improvements in ZenFone 7/8 Flip going from ZenFone 6 😛

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    I suppose I'm lucky there,all I need a phone to do is obviously be a phone, android auto to work as well as Google maps and emails.

    I am not into photography so all I need is a basic camera and lastly I want to be able to Miracast to the multi media unit in my van for when it's quite ( I am in distribution) .

    Not many devices on the market today support both Miracast and android auto unless you want to buy an old phone. I like to swap my phone every year or two the most,so an old phone won't do.

    Ergo the zenfone ticks all my boxes and I am not really affected with the bugs that get reported but it's like you said,, it is a personal choice,,

    PS one thing I'll say for Asus phones, especially zenfone,s they really hold their prices. I keep mine in a case with tempered glass from day one and I usually get anywhere from 50% to 70% of the new price on eBay.

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