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WW latest global ROM - India.

Query: Where can I get a detailed documentation of what the armoury crate kernel parameters are, and how changing them affects system performance, stability etc?

The kernel source code package downloaded from Asus ROG website couldn't really answer my questions. I was hoping to have a high level documentation to be present particularly for how Armoury Crate interacts with the kernel, but, couldn't really find anything.

Can someone please help?

I want to understand how to extract maximum stable performance from the system thru A/Crate.

Thanks in advance! 🙂☮️


  • Hi Deepan,

    As far as I know, we might not have it. Still, I am checking with the team and will get back in case I find any useful document to help you here.

  • Deepan_ChDeepan_Ch Level 2

    Please do and let us know.

    Also, has A12Beta been started to roll out? Or not?

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