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Hello to all . My mobile build number is RKQ1.201022.002.WW_Phone - 18.0830.2101.86 and I downloaded Android 12 from the site with the same build number, but it does not recognize the update, even with a restart of the phone. Does anyone have a solution or Android 12 link for my build number?

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    As FunBike suggests, you need to upgrade to the latest A11 firmware package before making the jump to A12.

    You should be able to update to WW-18.0840.2201.229 and then continue from there.


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    I have already given the solution several times :(

    The updates are incremental, so you have to pass all the updates going up version by version then at the last pass that Android 12 67 then 77 and 84

    Which is silly because the .86 version you have is currently the best.

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    dude . My firmware is now 18.0840.2201.229 now but again Android 12 is not available for me Where should I download?

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