Google Dialer caused phone crash issues with wired headset?

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When i first bought my zenfone 8 (jun 2021) i quickly installed the Dialer app made by Google and started using it instead of the default Asus phone dialer. I have been having the issue of the phone crashing and turning off when using a wired headset ever since. I recently tried using a different dialer app named "True Phone" and i havent had any issues with the phone crashing while using a wired headset. Maybe the issue was Google all along...


  • Hi @frankblock

    We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Can you please share your phone's log by following these instructions:

    1. Open calculator
    2. Input ".19595+=" to enable logtool
    3. Tap "Generate" of “Phone, mobile, networks, and signal” issue type
    4. Try to reproduce the issue
    5. After you encounter the issue, repeat steps 1&2
    6. Tap "Finish and Share"
    7. Wait for a couple of minutes, the system will notify you once the log is complete.
    8. Share the log to Google Drive and provide the URL to us.

    Thank you so much!

  • landsomelandsome Level 2

    What about the stock Asus phone app? Because it stretches credulity that all those who experienced this problem and complained about it never switched, at least for checking purposes, from the Google to the Asus phone app. (I never had this issue myself, but I have read countless reports.)

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