Any way to keep an app active in background?

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On my old OnePlus7, i would just "lock" the app, minimise it and then it would stay alive in background regardless of what i'd do in foreground (browsing, gaming).

On Rog 3, whatever i do, the app is closed randomly after 10 seconds or 3 minutes.

I've disabled every background restriction i could find. No success.

Is it even possible to do this on this phone?


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    Make sure you haven't enabled the memory cleaner setting on an app/game, or in general.

    If you have this enabled on a game in Armory Crate, it aggressively closes all background apps when you access that particular game.

    There's also the function in the Mobile Manager:

    That also closes all background apps. There's also the Super Cleaner function, too.

    There are several features built into the phone for the sake of increasing performance and decreasing battery use, but sometimes they can be more aggressive than desired.

  • Thanks for answering.

    I have the Armoury Crate memory cleaner disabled.

    Also, i never entered Mobile Manager. Never knew that it existed till today :)

  • try battery optimization

    click on all apps


    Don't optimize

    it works for me, never failed

    lock the app in the background,

    idk if it is helpful, but I am using it anyway.

  • Hi!

    I have a solution to the issue.

    Do a long-press on the app you want to keep awake and press "(i) App Info"

    In there you need to go into "Battery" and turn off "Background app management.

    This will keep your app from turning off while doing something else, be mindful that the battery will deplete faster because of this.

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