ROG Phone 5s no wifi calling?

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  1. Model Name: ROG Phone 5s
  2. Firmware Version: 18.1220.2201.192
  3. Rooted or not: Not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence: All the time
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

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I got a ROG Phone 5s and it works great! However I'm not seeing any options for WiFi calling in the settings. I have the latest firmware, and my carrier supports WiFi calling, as I have used it on several past devices. Will this be added in an update or is there something I can do to fix it?




  • Hi @blkxltng 

    Can you let me know what carrier are you using?

  • Hello @keren_ASUS,

    The carrier I'm using is T-Mobile

  • Hello I also am on TMobile using a rog 5s, can I have your apn settings? It seems I have a problem getting 5g, might be my area I am in though. As far as WiFi calling I don't have that either.

  • I always use the APN settings found on this page by T-Mobile:

    In order to get the 5G option, I had to click on "Preferred Network Type" and click on the option that includes 5G. I don't think I had any 5G until then.

  • blkxltngblkxltng Level 1

    Is there no solution for this, or will a fix be provided in an update?

  • @Karen_ASUS @blkxltng

    Are there any updates on this? Is Wi-Fi calling enabled by default or something? Or will this be fixed once the update to Android 12 is complete?

    I am using ROG Phone 5 with T-Mobile and I am having the same problem that @blkxltng is having. I don't see wifi calling as a setting.

  • blkxltngblkxltng Level 1

    I just updated to Android 12 this morning; still not seeing an option for WiFi calling.

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    Is there any update to this?

    The only thing i can find online is a reddit post from a year ago on how to "enable" the options by dialing

    -*#*#3642623344#*#*- (ignore the dashes: - at the start/end)

    However the issue I run into when i "enable" this, then i cant seem to receive calls, My wife reported that its just going straight to VM. (and i never notice a call coming through)

    IN addition: when dialing that number above if for whatever reason i reboot the phone, the options are visibly gone, (but still active it seems?) as i still have the issue of receiving calls, and if i dial the number again, and go into the wifi calling options, its still ticked "ON."

    My carrier is Straight Talk (using ATT sim card) in the US. (using a US provisioned ROG 5s)

    *previously i had ordered the Tencent version of the ROG 5s, but it was apparently region locked to China, but it did work with Straight Talk using the T-mobile SIM, and that one HAD the options for wifi calling already unlock/visible, but because of the poor service in my area i returned it and got the US region phone.

    So not sure what the problem is and/or why this has to be so difficult.

    edit1: Did some testing with the phone and having the wife calling me:

    Wifi calling option OFF - call received just fine.

    Wifi calling option ON with preferred wifi over mobile connection - Call received just fine.

    Wifi Calling option ON with Preferred Mobile over Wifi connection - she said there was a slight delay in the call Connecting*

    So maybe it was just some weird quirk or blip on the back end being funky, who knows. My previous phone was a Motorola 5g stylus and it was on the Verizon side of Straight talk, and shortly after owning it i received the message to "register" the wifi calling with my main two primary addresses (i assume home/work) or where i would typically be. but have not received this as of yet on this device.

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    Updated to latest version today; still no wifi calling option.

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    The only ASUS smartphone validated with T-Mobile is the Nexus for this function, as long as ASUS does not bother to include WIFI calls and send them to carriers or vice versa, as long as carriers both consider not ASUS as a big enough manufacturer to include ASUS devices (if ASUS has done its share of work in its smartphone?) it won't work.

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