Whats a viable screen protector that allows fingerprint access?

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I recently bought the Zenfone 8 and after implementing a hydrogel screen protector, i cant use the fingerprint reader at all, and cant even submit new fingerprints. I understand this is a problem with cheap protectors so im asking if anyone has bought a protector that makes this a non issue.

Can you give me brand names / links to shops like ebay or ali / or any good information that will make me save money and time in buying multiple types just to be disappointed over and over? I have seen this topic being raised in the forums a few times here but no one ever gave an actual model that works 100% of the time.

I'm thinking of buying this model - add 'ebay dot com' at the start of it - any thoughts?


Thanks in advance


  • landsomelandsome Level 2

    Essentially, nothing works reliably enough for me under all lighting configurations. I tried 3 tempered glass (0.3mm) and two so-called flexible glass (0.15mm) solutions. The latter were clearly better, but even adding only my 2 thumbs' prints under different light scenarios (darkish room, bright natural light, bright mall light) the FP reader failed more often than not. I junked all 5 protectors. My FP is otherwise fine.

    Also note that one of my thumbs is consistently harder to register and detect than the other - but only on this phone (I have 6 more relatively current phones at home and all my fingers are equally reliable). I've seen this reported by other ZF8 owners.

    Plus registering fingerprints with this phone is a hassle, protector or naked screen.

  • orionovorionov Level 1

    Thank you for your input, tho i was afraid you'd say that..

    Can you clarify on why the room's lighting is relevant to the detection of fingerprints?

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