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After updating to Android 12 my wifi keeps shutting off automatically every 15min or so. Battery is full and the signal is excellent and suddenly - wifi is off.

No new apps installed or anything that could disable my wifi. Didn't find anything in the new settings menu.

So I "upgraded" to Android 12 and I hate it. To make it clear not Asus fault but googles. Who thought of having dark quick select buttons on light theme or merging wifi and network in one? Wtf, while quick selection menu is very badly designed.


  • PaladinPaladin Level 1

    Seems to be working so far.

    Try this:

    1. Swipe down
    2. Look for Internet
    3. There are options to disable WiFi and Mobile Data
  • The performance tanked 👎 colours are not the same between the dark mode and normal mode, the notification tray is lagging AF, they messed up scrolling speed with the refresh rate that it doesn't matter if you have it in performance mode the scrolling is choppy, they messed up the launcher by giving each row more hight thus widges don't align anymore.

    I asked Asus to be apart of the beta program, my request was denied. I thought you know what you're doing

    Asus promised the implementation of that google API that made third party launchers have return home animations, never delivered.

    Please don't recommend me do a factory reset cause I did, twice to be sure 🤣

    I'l go back to 11 and underclock the CPU myself for better battery life, so Asus: thank you for nothing 👎

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    You can either merge WiFi with mobile data or not,go to the developer settings and you can toggle it off . The rest of your problems sorry I can't help you with but it took me a few weeks to get used to A12 but now that I have found where the settings are for various things and tweeked it to suit me I love it now.

    It has to be the most stable OS version I have seen since the z 5 z

  • PaladinPaladin Level 1

    Agreed! It has been good so far. Love the larger short cut icons. Performance has also been good. Battery seems to be depleting faster but this is generally the case with updates. Takes a while to settle down. Generally irons out after a few cycles😁

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    i agree with this guy, animations in launcher, task manager, and all other apps now stuttering and not smoot anymore, especially when scrolling something, like chrome or telegram app. After the first touch, the animation is done with a delay, and then it tries to catch up with the place where it should be, and there is a jump. Control center now has only 8 titles vs 12 in previous version of android, i hope asus make some customization of this

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    I realised that as soon as I posted it but I think you can still do it via developer settings so I thought I would just leave the post rather than edit it

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    Do developers even read this forum? Or is all this writing useless?

  • Usually with Asus, the writing in the forum is useless...and their bot closes threads for inactivity very fast....even though the inactivity is generated by Asus itself....shitty support...

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    Now that this thread is open, I have gotten another problem. My AndroidAuto has stopped working. It will connect to the car but upon trying to use it I will only get a blackscreen.

    Online I have found the issue with Samsung phones and there is was determined it was a Samsung Update issue and it was promptly fixed.

    As this issuee arose with my A12 update, I am assuming this is also an Asus issue. So if there is actual developers reading, please fix Android Auto.

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    @Irene2_ASUS I know that this it may be the Google default for the Android 12, but in Android 11 the brightness slider could be reached at the bottom, when the panel was "full screen" by double swipe (and not to mention that almost half of the screen is black and empty) - now only by using the one hand mode the thumb can reach the slider. Any possibility to implement what was available in Android 11 in this matter? Anyways, in this forum also are many issues to be addressed about Android 12 and yet no answer for them. It will be nice and appreciated "a sign" from mods :) (not to mention the other suggestions or issues that may come :)) )


  • RoystoysRoystoys Level 4

    I think you will find it's just android auto doing what it does and just playing up . Try to uninstall the latest update for android auto and see if that works. If it doesn't then it may be another issue,if it does work after uninstalling maybe wait for another update for android auto before updating the app again.

    I use android auto every other day in my work and it is a constant source of pain.

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