Premium Care Purchase with ADP not being honored by ASUS

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Detailed description:I purchased ADP with a Premium Care Extended Warranty from Asus in September of last year. Today, I am being told that they have no record of it and that they cannot tell me what I bought that is activated in my account currently. Something is there. I paid for it. I know what I bought. There is no record of it in my email other than the FedEx Confirmation the VIP Card was delivered. The order number created by ASUS does nothing to help me. The VIP Confirmation Number does not provide me with any clues.

What should I do?


  • Hi there,

    If purchase ADP but there is no record in the ASUS account.

    Please contact local call center that they should have team handling this issue.

    You can refer to below link to contact the call center in your area.

    Thank you.

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