Asus Rog 5 65w charge stopped working this morning

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Hei my 65w charge stopped working this morning.

Now I am using asus cable and another charger . So phone is charging now on different charge .

I am using the Rog cable and different charging head.

So cable is ok


But when I charge different phone whit the Rog charge then it Charging.

So maybe software on my phone is not okey or .

I have restarted the phone .


  • janisvg19janisvg19 Level 1

    Now it is working I trayed whit different 65 w charge . To charge it worked . And the I tried whit orginal Rog 65w charge it started to work again

  • randiahmrandiahm Level 1
    edited May 23

    I Have A Same Problem Here It Didnt Charge Fast Charging, 23 May 22 This Morning🙏

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