ZenFone 8 Face ID Not Working

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I've recently bought a ZenFone 8 and, due to the last software update, Face ID stopped working properly. It was working perfectly before this update (current version on image bellow). Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix it?




  • landsomelandsome Level 2

    There is a whole thread on this, just below yours.

  • Thanks man... It worked!

  • MrAvengerMrAvenger Level 2

    Wow Asus closed the other thread on this issue so no more people complain.

    What a joke. Any other manufacturer would fix this issue in a week. Eg apple has done it before.

    Instead Asus closes the thread and says too bad. Wait till the end of the month.

  • zientekszienteks Level 1

    Hi. Yes I have the same problem after the update and it annoys me a lot!

  • Thekr1sThekr1s Level 1
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    Same issue here. Together with the crappy fingerprint scanner, this phone sucks. I regret that I bought it.

  • Timo VosTimo Vos Level 2

    Same. Now I have to use fingerprint and become aware again that it doesn't work well :(

  • Elle69Elle69 Level 1

    Same issue. Before restart, working for a few hours and after stops working. Please fix quickly

    In addition there is also a bug on the top panel sliding endlessly.

  • sexiclube55sexiclube55 Level 2
    edited May 18

    and... face id is not working only in lockscreen, or everywhere ? i use often applock with face id... actually, i postponed 61fw installation ... but is not good, that asus will not immediate fix this bugs

  • @Paulo Bittencourt We're issuing a fix for this problem in the next firmware update.

    @MrAvenger Let's not go into tinfoil territory here. 🙂 The thread was closed temporarily so my reply would not get buried. I'll reopen it once the update rolls out so you can provide feedback.

  • when i skipped 61 update and im on 43, can i update directly to 71 ? actually i not received update(71)

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    I guess yes, you could, but with full .zip FW update.

  • i think FOTA update directly to phone ..

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