Screen go black while still flashlight on

Zeddy96Zeddy96 Level 1

I'm setting my phone to use a flashlight by using a smart key(power button)

But suddenly the screen goes black and unresponsive but the flashlight still on

This issue happen twice already but it will settle after i force reboot by pressing ( power button and vol down) key at same time

I hope asus engineer settle this bug asap 👍👍👍

*after update still happen


  • bish333bish333 Level 1

    I had the same problem once. FW .61

  • OscarooOscaroo Level 1

    ive had same problem. With version before .61

    happeened once. I also have it with the double tap power button

  • Hi!

    This sounds a little like a bug, would you kindly write which firmware are you on right now?

  • Zeddy96Zeddy96 Level 1

    The screen problem was FW .61

    Now my wifi suddenly can not turn on..

    Firmware version


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