Battery draining issue

MysterioMysterio Level 1
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Why the Android system using this much battery since the Android 12 update? Never seen this when I was on Android 11. Is it usual for all users?


  • Hi Mysterio,

    What is the SOT (Screen on time) you are currently getting on your phone?

    Kindly share the same once your battery reaches 10% and start using the device once the battery is around 98%.

    Please also mention the software version of your phone

  • MysterioMysterio Level 1

    @ARP_ASUS The SOT I'm currently getting is 5 hours. And the current software version is 31.0810.1226.77

  • @Mysterio If you are sharing the 5 hour SOT considering the above screenshot, I would request you to share a detailed screenshot where the phone is being used from 100% to 10%.

    What Apps are being used. This would actually help analyze what is actually eating up the battery.

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