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Hello all,

I would like to start by thanking ASUS for creating such a good phone with the correct balance between price and quality. I bought my phone almost 2 months ago and I am extremly happy with it and wouldn't trade it for other phones.

But as with every great phone it has a few issues that I would like to highlight.

Bellow you will find a list of bugs and features that would be great if they would be fixed/introduced. They are not critical, just nice to have.


  1. Sometimes when you have an app running in the background ( Like mxplayer) then you press the power button to lock the phone, wait a couple of minutes and then turn the phone back on, it doesn't recognize the fingerprint any more and I need to input the code manually. I don't know if the Zenfone 6 has a pin check ( like after these n number of using the fingerprint you need to input the code) or it is a bug.
  2. The progress bar for copying files in the File manager is not always displaying correctly the progress. Also there isn't a progress bar when permanently deleting files ( I haven't tested to see if there is for just deleting files) and it would be nice to have one.
  3. Coping a file inside the hidden cabinet is not possible. If you copy a folder to the hidden cabinet and then you want to copy inside that folder a file from your normal drive this isn't possible as the option doesn't appear. Even you copy the file to the hidden cabinet and then go inside the hidden cabinet you still can't move the file inside the folder.

Features( nice to have).

  1. The ability to select and share multiple pictures from the camera gallery ( not the normal one). Multiple phones allow for this option, but I haven't managed to do it on this phone. So that after I take a couple of pictures I am able to select them and then share them via Whatsup or some other chat app with my friends and family.
  2. An offset option for the automatic brightness feature. I like my phone to be a little brighter than normal it would be great if I would be able to select a 10% offset to the automatic brightness so that when it automatically adjusts it sets a brightnesses 10% higher than the normal standard.
  3. A widget for Memory cleaner would be nice and if possible to also show how much ram is used.
  4. Call vibration localisation. It has happened to me very often that I don't feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, but I guess it is because of how it is vibrating so I don't know if this is possible, but it would be great if it would be possible to choose the area where to vibrate.

Have a nice day.

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  • The fingerprint thing is an issue....i noticed it many times tooo..... fingerprint stops working suddenly @Anders_ASUS

  • I have that fingerprint bug too. Seems very random to me

  • This is a standard Android security behavior that is of course implemented on ZF6 too:

    For security, you'll unlock with your backup PIN, pattern, or password after:

    • Your fingerprint isn't recognized after a few tries
    • You restart (reboot) your phone
    • You switch to a different user
    • More than 48 hours have passed since you last unlocked using your backup method

    But this security feature is not implemented correctly on ZF6.

    We all have experience of how it works on ZF6. I unlock my phone with a fingerprint, but every few days (see above citation from Nexus help) the phone doesn't respond to my fingerprint at all, the screen stays off. Then I have to turn on the phone with the side button and then I see a locked lock on the bottom of the screen. I need to touch it to bring up the PIN input screen.

    On all other Android phones, when you touch your finger, the PIN input screen automatically appears when this security situation happens, it is repeated every few days.

  • BTW This thread is wrongly flagged as Answered despite that it isn't.

  • In that case can there be at least a text message that informs you that you need to input your pin because of security reasons ? So that I am aware when I need to do it. This was the implementation done on my old Honor 5x.

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    No need for such a message.

    As I said, on all other Android phones with pure Android I know (without OEM skin like Nexus or Pixel phones), when you touch fingerprint reader with your finger, the PIN input screen automatically appears when this security situation happen every few days.

    So there is no need for such a hassle:

    I unlock my phone with a fingerprint, but every few days (see above citation from Nexus help) the phone doesn't respond to my fingerprint at all, the screen stays off. Then I have to turn on the phone with the side button and then I see a locked lock on the bottom of the screen. I need to touch it to bring up the PIN input screen.

  • Dear Andres,

    Thank you for your answers, here is more information:

    1. Yes, I understand the problem now, but is it possible to at least display a message so that I am aware of why the fingerprint is not working ?
    2. It happens to me often of deleting more than 10 GB of files on my sd card at it takes around 10 to 20 minutes to delete and it would be nice to know how much progress has been made in order to estimate when it finishes. Also, I copied about 600 pictures from one folder to another and the progress bar constantly moved to 70% where it stopped and stayed there for about 10 minutes and then again started to move until 100%. ( I will try to make a video and send post it on the forum).
    3. I use it to keep picture of my ID card or bank cards that I don't always have with me and if there is an important document that I have I want to move it there. For me it is relevant as I like to keep such documents secure. Of course I can find a 3rd party app, but still I would like to use the one that came with the app.

    Next part:

    1. Thank you, but can I add one more suggestion for the gallery app. Can you please allow the option of selecting a picture why looking at it and not when they are small ( like other brands allow you to do) so that you can see the big picture and be able to select it.
    2. Thank you for telling me that. I will use it.
    3. For me it is not a problem of RAM, but which apps are running in the background due to privacy concerns as I don't know what information they are extracting so I prefer to constantly kill them after I have not used them. Furthermore, I keep only a few apps alive (like the e-mail client) and not the rest. It took me some time to clean the phone because I disable google calendars, messages and to find suitable alternatives ( privacy friendly). But I understand your point so it is not relevant.
    4. The vibration is too soft, so I would like to have a way to increase it vibration or something similar, or to make more powerful towards the bottom part of the phone, of course if this is possible. But when I use the key vibration it seems more powerful then when the phone is vibrating for a call.

    Thank you again for your support and your answer.

  • @Anders_ASUS Here is a screen recording of me deleting around 11 gb of data on my sd card. It take around 14 mins. So it would ve greate to see how much has been deleted and how much still remains or at least a progress bar.

  • .1 It's a good suggestion. I will check with our devs

    .4 I have asked it the vibrator can handle more vibration or if it's hardware limitation

    I see what you mean :) I will forward this request as well

  • Dear @Anders_ASUS,

    Thank you for reading my messages and forwarding the issues to the developer.

    I would just want to report a bug that I recently encountered and that I find very annoying:

    When you are speaking to someone on the phone and while speaking to this person you put your hand on the microphone that is situated on the bottom of the phone, then the other person starts to hear his echo.

    I don't know if it has been reported, but it would be nice if it would be resolved.


  • If you block the bottom mic, then it needs to use the top one which is located next to the earpiece. This isn't a bug. The fix is that you shouldn't block the bottom mic ;)

  • At first i was not facing fingerprint issue but nowadays i am also facing it.

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