There is no lock mode in the game genie.

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i installed WW Rom . ver 1.1.134...

There is a navigation bar lock mode in the Asus manual. .,,,lock mode

But no matter how much I look for it, it's gone.

Where do I set it up?

Just like in the picture, the bar does not disappear when you set up a genie setting a game and

Tell me the navigation bar lock mode....


  • Not quite sure what you mean.

    The Navigation bar gets stuck for me as well after opening Game Genie. But, going back to home and re-opening fixes it.

    Seems like a software fix is needed for that.

  • Sometimes the navigation bar gets stuck or stays for a longer time than it should. Whenever this happens you can follow the trick described above and it should go away.

  • I am facing the same problem, bought the phone yesterday, i can see lock touch , but there is no lock mode option in game genie

  • We replaced it with a feature that requires a double swipe to exit but... I do admit it works so so with virtual keys. With gestures it works really well. I can ask our devs if we can ad lock mode or find some other solution but my suggestion to you is to just learn gesture navigation. It's the new way of navigation in Android Q. It takes a couples of days to get used to and once you have adapted, you don't want to go back to virtual key navigation.

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