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So i got a new update.... Phone still does purple haze at 16 seconds in shutterspeed in pro mode an just idle at 13 senconds you see the purple monster tryin to creep into the photo without taking a pic.. an i still have the major jitters in recording ANY video... If you move...screen shakes an blurs everything up if you record an stand still... Doesnt happen... What was this update for?.... I am noticing as well motion tracki

ng vanishes as an option on camera an i have to restart camera for it to come back...


  • The purple camera will be fixed in Android Q

    These are the changes in the latest version of Pie

  • thats the one i have... besides the purple haze theres the jittery camera when taking video IF video stabilization is ON ( pointless to have it off sooo) only fix for that is to turn it off an use a gimbal everytime to take vids but ... thats alot to carry around all the time... im also noticing video brightness/definition aint all there... 4k 60... 1080p 60/30... 720 60/30 its all around dark... like you cant see what color the back of a street light is because its dark... even trees are almost black in all but 4k 30 at 12:30 in the afternoon!... the overall brightness of objects just isnt there... HOWEVER in 4k 30.... everything is 5z like an nice bright an colorful.... which is really annoying ...also hard to show these things when you can only upload a 50mb file.. 5 seconds of 4k 60 is waaay more than that as well as 4k 30... have to drop res to 720 to be able to post the 4k 60 vid the 4k 30 vid is new video1 ....4k 60 is new video33 ... 1080p 60 is new video41 everything is darker all around in the 4k 60 even the 1080p 60 is dark on all objects an environment at 12:30pm in the afternoon the sun is out you can see it on the road an sidewalks but its not bright at all its like a shade change or something weird. 4k 30 is the only realistic brightness of objects an environment... everything else is dark... one of the main reason i got this phone was the camera... if it takes a year to fix it that kinda makes it pointless to have... an the wide angle is actually better on the 5z bigger lens an all sound from speakers is even better on the 5z i know there wont an cant be any speaker upgrades... headphones as usual sound good... but the 5z sounds much much better on phone speakers all around kinda disappointed in this right now an really wondering if i should keep it... feels like the same road that happened to the essential phone to me camera wise

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    I believe you have to do some more testing because I'm not getting the same results as you are with FW .193

    The wide view lens is not worse than 5Z and even the sound on ZF6 is slightly better.

  • I feel like it is... I dunno... Pics with it seem fuzzy-er than the 5z... Sound on the phone is good... But no bass an the ear speaker isnt as loud.. I dont really hear it unl3ss its close to my face whwn movie watching or game playing.... An game genie recording.... When uploaded to pc the video sounds alot worse than the 5z version... Again all highs an mids an no bass... Hollow sounding..... Ill give this phone its day in court... But so far for me it its opening statement is really bad

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