Missing portrait mode, slo-mo, 64mp camera mode. Anyone having the same issue?

KurinchuKurinchu Level 1
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Phone is up to date. Cleared cache, factory reset twice. Camera modes come back if there's a new update installed... Then when you restart your phone, it all disappears again. Tried all basic troubleshooting and even factory reset my phone twice in attempts to fix the issue but to no avail.


  • @Kurinchu Sorry for the late reply,

    Are you updating your device manually or through FOTA? What happens if you reboot in safe mode?

    Long press power button -> Long press restart button until asked if you want to reboot in safe mode.

  • KurinchuKurinchu Level 1

    @Gustav_ASUS Thank you so much for responding! Updated thru FOTA. No changes when rebooting in safe mode.

    Updated to Android 12 recently and the portrait mode does not go anywhere (for now). However, the 64mp cam mode is still gone as well as the slo mo feature.

  • @Kurinchu Right. Can you download some third party camera apps from Google Play and see if you run into the same issues with them as well?

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