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  • Dear all,

    @ARP_ASUS @Irene2_ASUS @fabricioceschin etc

    Wifi not working on My ROG PHONE 5.

    I've been to an asus service center in my city Surabaya today and they want to service my cellphone, but I don't want to have to deal with further damage if I have to replace the parts on my cellphone. And they directed me to the service center of my country Indonesia (Jakarta city), and asked me to wait for the decision of my complaining.

    I am an old ROG PHONE user, and fans of ROG, starting from ROG phone 1 to 5, but this is the first time I have encountered a very annoying and massive case. I know the quality of ROG, so I want the best for my cellphone not by repairing it but replacing it without defect like this.

    I also talk directly to users who have experienced the same case as me, at the same time, and in the same place. but the sad thing is when he don't understand anything about the case and let them try to fix the phone.

    Without reducing respect or doubt to all Asus technicians, I think this problem will still repeat itself and spread to other cases even after being repaired, because the fault lies in the production failure, not the product handling problem.

    So Please, give best solution for all your ROG phone users, and don't buy time, because I'm worried that a new problem will appear, And it will end badly for ASUS, because of the many consumer complaints about the bad products being sold.

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    I think it from automatically assembly cause early batch working just fine, and I heard they already deal with it you must be bought batch from Mei untill idk but newest batch is already fine

    You just complaining but don't want your phone to get repaired

    Me too already bring my phone to asc and they already repaired without any cost it and my phone working just fine

  • @Jaga Lilin my handphone is MFD 05.2021, and it may not happen to all products in this case.

    I'm glad to hear it. in the end they solved all the problems quite well. Hopefully all complaints can be resolved properly by Asus

  • I am recently having the issue where my wifi and hotspot wont work. Its a shame to see that 80% of ROG phones are having this issue, and yet there is no official statement from ASUS regarding this. All the people/customer here have bought the phone by spending nearly 60k which by no means is less. Moderators giving a simple solution such as change the motherboard. Why should it come down to us feeling all the hassle due to the company's fault. An official statement meeds to be passed otherwise its a direct violation of Consumer rights.

  • Isko theek kro chutiyo..

  • Nothing works... looks like we're all on the same raft in the ocean.. & there's no hope in sight.. sux : (

  • Why not start by participating in this survey on reddit


    the title of the survey is "ROGphone5 survey"

    this will be a good start because since July until now everyone is posting here to shout and say that they are going to do something but there is nothing concrete like common action and you are all going to come to the end of the guarantee.

    If all those who have had serious problems requiring the change of the motherboard take part in this survey, you will certainly be several hundred and you can go further in this case, such as creating a petition on https://www.change.org/ start-a-petition?source_location=header

    then send it to ASUS and consumer associations.

    Don't get your hopes up, as long as you stay isolated in small groups of 10-20 on different forums and social networks like now, you won't get anywhere. Watch the number of users and how long it took for LG to finally acknowledge the G4 problem and compensate users


  • I doubt it will help to be fair.

  • Consumer laws in India are won't do much to protect consumer rights.

    If we face a dead wifi-hotspot problem on our 'out of warranty' ROG Phone 5, we are liable to pay for motherboard replacement charges rs 38612 + gst for the 8GB/128GB variant.

    Where this problem only occurs due to poor hardware quality & buggy OS updates. And quite common with ROG Phone 5 users.

    What we have to do is boycott ASUS products as a protest.

  • To all the Indian ROG 5 users, whoever is facing issues with their phone after motherboard replacement, feel free to contact me. I have formally file a case against the company for providing defective motherboard replacement and releasing no official statement on the problem being solved or not.

    If you feel that you are being cheated join me as i fight with you all and get justice for you all.

    I have got the perfect lawyer for this case and yes he is taking hefty money to fight but its not going to go on waste as we all are facing the same problem again and again.

    Its time we show them what it feels like looting our hard earned money and wasting our precious time.

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    Has anyone updated their Android version to the latest Android 12? and facing any issue(same/new)?

  • Hi after 2 days upgrading to android 12 my wifi toggle button wont turn on, and sometime when i turn off my phone i cant turn in on again unless i use volume down and power button to power it up,

    i already tried factory reset, network reset, and still not fixing my problem.

    and WOOOW how can a premium phone like this get support that has to go to the service center even though this is a new phone, I'm starting to regret moving from apple to android, my iphone 7+ is 6 years old and has never had a problem for a day.

  • Maybe you could also contact Girard Sharp for reference. They are investigating similar issues with ZenFone 8.

    h t t p s ://www.girardsharp.com/work-investigations-asus-zenfone

    Add https:// to the links.





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