Asus Zenfone 8 always occur Echoing sound while having phone calls in speaker mode

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Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:

  1. Model Name: Zenfone 8
  2. Firmware Version: 31.1010.0410.43 (just upgrade to android 12)
  3. Rooted or not: not rooted
  4. Frequency of Occurrence:
  5. APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app):

In addition to information above, please also provide as much details as you can, e.g., using scenario, what troubleshooting you've already done, screenshot, etc.


When I am having a call with anyone (even using internet call or normal cellular call). and I turn on my speaker mode, my Zenfone 8 will have very loud echo sound until it is very hard to bare.

I have test voice recorder and speaker, all was ok and even tested at in calculator apps with .12345+=. everything was fine.

I have just bought this phone and barely even use for few week and started using it and this occur 😥.

right now I am still finding ways to rollback to android 11 and hoping that is it software problem.

thank you.



  • Same thing here but it work well until one of the updates and I not sure which one caused it.

  • Same Issue here! Ppl always complaining about annoying echo while I'm on loudspeaker. Latest build *.43 :(

  • Anyone can share any links or guide on how to downgrade from android 12 to android 11 for my zenfone 8? since there is no new update and respond from Asus on the solution process. Appreciated in advance.

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    finally i found it on how to downgrade it from android 12 to 11 by using Asus official website ( sadly my local Asus website does not have it. and follow by the steps of the update. =.=

    Steps of Update:

    1. Download the firmware to internal storage.

    2. Remove Google Account.

    3. Pull down the quick setting list.

    4. The system will pop up a message which detected a firmware update info.

    5. Execute the downgrade firmware file.

    * If you skip step 5, and you don't know how to trigger the downgrade process again. Please reboot the system, and the downgrade info will pop up again.

    *Update:- after downgraded to android 11 is still the same =.=

  • I just bought the zenfone 8 and have the same issue, when using speaker microphone people react and tell me that the sound quality is bad with echoing sound. This is a problem for me when i want to put my phone on the table when i am sitting in meeting calls or when i am driving the car.

  • I have a similar problem, when I talk in a group (my family) via my phone with others on loudspeakers, e.g. on a messenger or on the phone, they can hear me, my son and other members of my family. But after seconds, they only hear me, e.g. my son will say something, the others cannot hear him. As if the microphone was only picking up my voice. This problem has been occurring since some update.

  • Unfortunately, the same problem is for me. I'm afraid another problem will start again (ramdump already was). Has anyone improved this or has someone moderated it?

  • it is just sad that I am unable to use my new zenfone 8 for 3 months already since I often use a lot of speaker mode while calling. currently, I am still using my old phone.

    I just hope that it is a software issue and it will be solved by updating the software. if it is hardware issue it will be pain in the ass for me to go to my local official Asus shop since is so far away. 😥

  • IvaIva Level 1

    Same problem, extremely annoying! Whenever I turn the speakerphone on, regardless of whether on WhatsApp, Viber, or normal Call, the other side hears their voice with extreme echo and asks me to turn the speaker off. They can hear me fine, I can hear them fine, but as soon as they start speaking it is impossible to do so without my phone returning them a very loud echo of their voice. This is a very annoying issue since I almost always use my phone on speaker and am now practically unable to do so. If it does not get fixed soon I will have to return the phone since it is still in warranty and such an issue is a total deal-breaker for me.

  • arielsajdaarielsajda Level 2




    Guys help with this issue?

    Hardware? Or software?

    How to fix?

  • lianosnicklianosnick Level 1

    Same here. Only workaround I found is to turn the volume down.

  • bergmenbergmen Level 1

    On my phone, loud mode works fine.

  • th.beschth.besch Level 2

    Same issue here. And it is a new problem. It did not occur in the beginning. I use the phone since June 2021 and today was the first time the echoes appeared.

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    I had this problem since beginning and for me it was hardware problem. First time when I sent my phone to authorized service centre they fixed it only for hands free mode (bluetooth) in my car, but problem left for speaker mode. After second repair - they fixed it finally.

    But for them who experience this problem since some SW update, I hope it's not HW problem.

  • agavenas9agavenas9 Level 1

    Same problem. It's so sad. But yesterday it was an update, but problem still not fixed. Most of the time I'm using my asus zenfone 8 on loudspeaker and the callers complaining that its imposible talk with me because o the echo. Could warranty fix that or not?

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    Of course. I wrote above that it has been fixed by authorized service center (by warranty).

  • I've got the same problem

  • dron39dron39 Level 2

    If you can not fix it by factory default settings, then it's better to send phone to authorized service center by warranty if you still have warranty.

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