Connecting Zenscreen MB16AHP to Samsung A32 5G

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I am trying to connect my A32 5G phone to my MB16AHP (by wire). Seems simple enough.

So, connecting via a generic USB-C to USB-C cord doesn't work: blank screen. Do I need such a cord with particular specs?

If I connect via HDMI (thru a USB-C to HDMI adapter of some sort) and connect to the mini-HDMI port on the monitor, will that work? Do I need a particular sort of USB-C to HDMI adapter?

I am not fluent on specs related to USB; I do know that the physical port is one thing, the signal carried is something else.

Samsung is "sparing" in the the minimal amount of information they provide in relation to the USB-C port on the phone.

Thanks for any assistance but please reply only if you have a very good idea of what is required.


  • Hi there,

    Here we mainly discuss laptop related issues.

    For the issue about Zenscreen MB16AHP, please contact to local call center to have further assistance.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, is this not an ASUS user forum? I did, in fact, notice that there was no specific forum category for monitors, but it was either "laptop" or "phones". I made a choice.

    Obviously, you are not able to assist but maybe someone else in the forum might be able to.

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