Whatsapp and update WW-31.1010.0410.43

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Hey guys

Any of you noticed weird behaviour with whatsapp and this new update.

For example notification light not working for group chat when you have tone set to none.

Or whatsapp message saying you may have a incoming message.

or even delays receiving a message.


  • Nope, everything good here. Check you notification settings for whasapp maybe...

  • ibo13700ibo13700 Level 1
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    Hello I got this issue when I used all the data available in my plan and my carrier slowed down my data speed. After a little search I found out that WhatsApp behave like this when the internet connection is slow or poor.

  • MrAvengerMrAvenger Level 2

    it seems like whatsapp is getting delayed receiving messages...or the phone but specifically for whatsapp...

    for example ill unlock the phone and i get a few whatsapp message come through which are for example 10 or so minutes old.

    this only started happening recently and possibly since the last update.

  • MrAvengerMrAvenger Level 2
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    ok so after performing a full hard reset, the issue still remains..

    i think it could be last update, its somehow restricting background data refresh..

    its like the app is put into some kind of sleep mode or something.

  • MrAvengerMrAvenger Level 2

    OK. I figured that by changing the whatsapp battery usage profile from balanced to unrestricted fixed the issue.

    So maybe the last update changed something or made the balanced profile more aggressive

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