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Yeah I know there's already posts about this. But I'm gonna make another so Asus gets off their bum and fixes things.

This phone is crap in the pocket.

It unlocks with pocket-print.

It wastes energy with the power button self pressing and then turning on the camera, or torch (I have long press for camera and double tap for torch)

Honestly, update your software to use the proximity sensor to disable all button presses and all touch screen and finger print actions.

Its not rocket science!



  • Seconded. .

  • ibo13700ibo13700 Level 1

    Thirded! This is driving me crazy

  • OscarooOscaroo Level 1

    I think I found a solution!

    The problem is that the pocket mode does not disable the power button.

    And the power button is too easy to press.

    So I bought a rhinoshield case and removed it's power button (on the case)

    I replaced it with a shaved rubber USB C cover which means it's harder to press and impossible to press it accidentally but still easy enough

  • OscarooOscaroo Level 1

    Its been super glued a bit so it doesn't fall off. Yay. Success

  • ibo13700ibo13700 Level 1

    Amazing and sad. Amazing that you came out with this idea, kudos to you. Sad because it is an issue that Asus have to fix themselves first and they do nothing about it.

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