Rog 5 Throttling, Xmode+ etc. explained

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So, since I already explained this a couple of times and people still are going on about it, I think it's maybe best to explain whats going on here in 1 topic to link it instead of repeating myself. As we all know, the Rog5 is pretty much a disaster from the beginning, I even made a video at release explaining how I could already see tons of issues with it.

I made this video back in the days:

People called me a hater and whatnot, only to later realize that they were infact the ones that where absolutely ignorant. As we know early units suffer from Wifi defects and the typical black screen of death aka power IC death which is a common problem since the Rog2.

ASUS did later make a new revision of the Rog5 motherboard to try and fix the issues. People who got these new revisions instantly noticed, that their performance got heavily nerfed, this is something ASUS has implemented to stop the Rog 5 from killing itself. They tried to tune everywhere to lighten the load, hence we saw worse speaker qualilty, worse performance and whatnot.

Many have complained about Armory crate not working as intended. When setting to "hardcore" settings to the max, people still saw incredibly low clockspeeds while in reality you should see something like this:

There are some discussions here if the clockspeed even matters and the answer is yes and no, while lightweight games do not really need high clockspeeds on the prime core for instance, other more demanding games need it and instead switch around the prime and other big cores causing some ridicolous lagspikes and unstable frametimes. Overall this was just ASUS being ASUS, instead of redesinging the disastrous cooling solution they opted for throttling on a gaming phone, which obviously turns out the community makes sure that it blows up in ASUS's face.

Overall I would not expect any fix, as this is in the end a hardware issue caused by poorly designed cooling. The only way you can fix it without killing the phone is by redesigning the cooling solution or use a 3rd party cooling solution that will cool down your phone sigificanly, such as the Funcooler from Xiaomi, it will increase your clockspeeds significantly. It's sad to see the state of the Rog5 and the almost instant abandonment of the Rog5, which is probably caused by the fact that ASUS realized there is no easy fix and a real fix would be way to inconvienent or costly.


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    Before update is good performance why Asus published their bad update for the customers. See your rog3 YouTube video cpu all full core their performance stable clocked but still Rog5 maximum 835 mhz to 1.56 or 1.42 ghz maximum.can you explain light weight game or heavy weight games all are games only.If I bought a phone play for candycrush ? I play the game in inside fridge only what a joke?

  • Your explanation was so clear!

    I would like to consider purchasing fun cooler because I found out that the heat generation problem is due to poor cooling design from the explanation!

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    I think it's just a software implemented shit, i didn't see any free fall from the clockspeed before February build. So it's ashame that asus did that. I understand that they run out of motherboard stock because of these "bricked rog 5" thingy. But.. why even bother doing all of these throttling shanenegan xD

  • If you read, you have an answer to your question.

  • I wish Asus change the cover behind mother board with aluminum or add active cooler

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