Zenbook Flip UX463FA

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Detailed description:I note you already have a posting about a similar UX362FA flip laptop which is now closed. I have had the same issue. I purchased the Zenbook flip UX463FA on Oct 2020. I had some early problems of intermittent 'no power' in the first few months of operation. These problems seem to be cleared by leaving the unit OFF for about 10 minutes.

However, in Feb 2022 (after operating in 180 degree flip 'tablet mode' for 18 months), I had a complete power failure and the main board has had to be replaced. This was repaired locally by an ASUS recommended repairer (details are available).

I would suggest this to be a system design failure (maybe due to an internal temperature issue or a restricted cooling issue when in flip mode).

Because of the earlier posting on the flip Zenbook and a similar problem (and repair), it may warrant an investigation by ASUS. I suspect 18 months operation would be much less than your predicted MTB failure rate for the main board.


  • @michaelandjozefina

    May I know if your laptop is currently experiencing auto shutdown or no power again?

    If the laptop doesn't boot properly at the moment, I'd recommend sending it in for repair.

    Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

  • The main board on my Zenbook Flip has now been replaced and it is now working OK. It is just a question as to whether the power failure observed was random or a systemic issue. The mains power lead/charger was always connected and the unit was always operated in 180 degree flip (tablet) mode.

    Lets see how long my repaired unit lasts before failure (hopefully years!)

  • Sorry Falcon_ASUS, I ddn't answer your question specifically. Yes, my repaired Zenbook Flip does not show any auto shutdown characteristics. I have it continually powered (via charger) and a 10 minute battery power sleep and 15 minute powered sleep setting. Working perfectly so far.

    ps I have another (older) ASUS Vivobook 15 and this has performed without fault for 4+ years.

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