My Asus 8z's notification led started to blink in all the three colours one after other.

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I had many notifications. As I noticed , my notification led was blinking in all three colours one after another


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    Hi sibadatta sasmal,

    Can you share a video?

    Also, please confirm your software version - Go to settings => About => Software version/update/Information.

    Mostly it's normal, let me know if you feel it's abnormal.

  • Hi, thanks for the response, it happened only once.

    The software version is Android 12 with latest update.

    At that moment there were alot of notifications, the led light flashed to show the priority of notifications? What do you think?

  • It depending on the app itself which led color is using

  • I like how in some apps eg Whatsapp it's possible to program the colour to a specific contact, as long as the colour chosen is one that it can display.

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