VoLTE in Austria's "3" H3G network

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Please make VoLTE in Austrias "3" (H3G) network possible! I'm traveling regularly to the USA and I can't use simple phonecalls anymore because the networks in the US require VoLTE which i cannot enable!! As mentioned here in this forum I tried the key combination to enable VoLTE but it's still not working when i try to call someone.

Urgent help please!!


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    Is there any solution for me?

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    @CH_ASUS @ARP @Falcon @Christine @gustagpo @fussion_ASUS @Irene

    I can't use simple phone calls in networks that require VoLTE like all carriers in the USA!

    @ all moderators: What is your solution for this? Like this the phone is unusable!

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    it's been a week and zero response from the moderators? months ago you promised me twice to get back to me about VoLTE with my carrier but also no response.

    great service! 👌

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    guys! i can't use my zenphone 8 in the US for simple phone calls anymore because you won't enable VoLTE for my home carrier: "3" (H3G) in Austria.

    is there really nothing you can say about that? are you absolutely ignoring the fact that regular phone calls on the zenphone are not possible anymore?

  • It seems like nobody cares about the Zenfone 8 anymore.

    Zenfone 9 is soon to be out (zenfone 8 was out in May), so I guess they are focusing on the new phone now.

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    i guess so! thats really disappointing! but i think costumer support can't be that busy with the zenphone 9 because it's not out yet! so they just don't care at all about their costumers anymore. definitely my last ASUS product!

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    If VoLTE didn't work after key combination and turning on "4G calls", it seems like You carrier didn't have settings for this phone or is blocking Your phone intentionally. Sadly, neither You or ASUS can't do anything with this. Asus can unlock VoLTE swith in menu, but after switching VoLTE stil won't work. I'll recommend change carrier, like me.

    You all people complaining on Asus need to understand one thing - Asus is small brand in mobile phones, so they don't have as much power in negotiation like e.g. Samsung or Apple. When new model of Samsung or Apple arriving, carriers probably asking by themselfs on all settings for VoLTE, VoWiFi and 5G, because they wat to provide the best services. When new model of Asus arriving they didn't care, because it's probably less than 1% of their traffic.

    The best thing, which We can do is actually buying these phones and massively asking on customer support of our carriers why VoLTE didn't work, and demanding to unlock. If there will be enough angry customers, carriers problably ask Asus for cooperation themselfs.

  • So there is no real customer support on the forums. I would guess that the forum moderators are involved in alfa testing the new devices, trying them out etc, as I don't see any activity from them on the Zenfone 8 forum recently.

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