New flagship 120hz amoled phone now without black crush, Asus you suck, goodbye rog 3, not missed

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Rog 3 you are now a dust collector on my shelf alongside many other experimental smartphones brands I took a chance on. I urge everyone else here to stop complaining about the problems this phone has, Asus doesn't care and just move on and buy a better phone. No black crush whatsoever even at low brightness, consistent updates, already have Android 12. Just move on everyone it's not worth it.


  • Mix 4 so technically a 2021 flagship although China exclusive with eu rom. But it doesn't have any black crush, memc and uses Bluetooth codecs rog 3 says was unavailable with the very same headphones...

  • Sorry but that phone is garbage imo. Anti repair, bloated software, no updated source to fix the heavy throttling and small battery for a SD888 phone.

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    Bye, Felicia. 👋

  • The whole point I made this thread was to get people like you who complain about this phone and tell them to just move on, honestly surprised you're actively trying to defend Asus right now but okay.

    This is a China exclusive phone bought 3rd party obviously there's going to be no repair expected on Xiaomi part, I knew that when I bought this phone but having been using rog 3 for a year I'm still yet to hear a good repair story from them too lmao

    Not bloated, as I stated if you read properly using eu.miui rom...

    Back to back antutu and Geekbench tests twice over in summer on 35c ambient, slight throttling as expected on the 2nd but still better scores than the rog 3

    Small battery yes, still lasts more than a day moderate usage and has dual batteries that charge 60w each.

    Trade off is better performance than rog 3 and a better display. So instead of bagging me about my new phone choice why don't you go off and work on your 'exclusive' custom kernel you developed to fix an issue Asus won't and then sit there type a reply about how much better your daily driver is compared to mine. Peace ✌️

  • You don't realize this yet but I am the guy who fixed the color banding (which u refer to as black crush) so I'm not exacly your average Rog3 user. That being said, while the color banding is a valid point to complain about there are still positives that favor the Rog3, such as up 2 date kernel sourcecode so that developers like me can fix things, which you can't. What you buy is what you get, end of story.

    I wasnt aware that the EU versions are almost bloat free, sadly outdated and requires you to throw warranty out, which since it's an import you don't have anyways.

    Antutu and Geekbench are worthless benchmarking tools. The fact you even talk about these shows you're clueless. Download 3dmark and do a stresstest, then look how that thing throttles to hell.

    Yeah, 60W per battery, because that won't degrade the battery massively or anything. If you think that's not a problem then I suggest you try and find a replacement battery for your mix 4, after that you will realize you purchased e-waste.

    Pros for Mix4 is:

    • no color banding vs the Rog3 stock


    e-waste, since no replacement parts are available, that includes battery

    Worse performance

    Worse speakers

    Worse software support

    Worse Battery life

    piss poor 3rd party support

    Overall, you have downgraded quite significantly. I was curious as to what you upgraded to, but turns out you just downgraded quite heavily.

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