Android 12 Release Schedule for Zenfone 8, Zenfone 7 and ROG Phone Series



  • bobekos1bobekos1 Level 1

    Polska już ma do pobrania A12, zobaczymy czy będzie ok...

  • Just got a notification about avaliable update to v12 (Poland, Orange provider). Kind of scared when some people write they have issues with fingerprints (not like it works now...) or battery lifetime (not like it lasts long now...). Will try to upgrade it today and pray for the best.

  • FedexpFedexp Level 1

    Czech Rep (O2) recieved today also. But i am little bit scare about all isssues A12 what i read in this forum... but i will risky😂

  • steve02steve02 Level 1

    is it the .107 version?

  • ekokrpkaekokrpka Level 1
    edited March 16

    Could somebody please confirm if the ASUS Phone app on Zenphone 8 after upgrade to Android 12 WW_31.1004.0404.107 still records phone calls as it used to with Android 11 WW_30.12.112.82. This feature has always worked for me on the device and I do not want to loose it.

  • Upgraded. So far no issues. It looks kind of different (especially the notification area) but appears to be working faster. Will see after few days of usage.

  • Android 12; appena ricevuto l'aggiornamento

  • ....sembra più veloce. Nessun problema per ora

  • FedexpFedexp Level 1

    After today updated: Records phone calls works fine, without problem

  • Доброго дня!прилетала Обнова до А12, как изменить цвет шторки уведомлений, стоит черная

  • Как изменить цвет шторки на другой

  • GeraGera Level 1
    edited March 16

    Upgraded today to android 12 .107. So far, noticed microphone quality is worse, capting too much Ambient noise .

  • bmacbmac Level 1

    Just installed the Android 12 update. It's made the Settings app very crash prone, I haven't been able to access the Wifi page yet. It won't open from the "Internet" button in the pull down menu (shade?) and when I try to go through the Settings app and go to "Network & internet", it will hang and I'll get a notification that it's not responding.

    Seriously, how do you break the settings app? It's kind of important for me to be able to use the phone.

  • Same here man, now different device has different issue. I'm afraid it's too risky 😂

  • raimundas78raimundas78 Level 2
    edited March 17

    Overheating issue is back with Android 12. CPU idling at 1800 MHz, when it used to idle at 300 MHz on Android 11

  • GeraGera Level 1

    One more thing, battery is really worse. When a went to sleep with 95% woke up with 60% after 6 hours. This was not happening with android 11 which dropped like 20% or so. Ram seems better using less with 12

  • ekokrpkaekokrpka Level 1
    edited March 17

    So I did the upgrade too, so far it works for me. The MIC quality indeed seems worse but I cannot really measure that, maybe it is due to GSM network. CPU cores 0-3 drop down to 300 MHz (but vary between 1209 or 1612 MHz), 4-6 are constantly at 710 MHz, CPU7 is at 844 MHz. The GUI itself seems faster and I also agree that the notification area seems weird. Can I reorganize the entries to move the items to different pages? But it seems the overall security improvements in Android 12 are the way to go:

    see "Privacy x Android: What’s new in Android 12?" on site.

  • You can rearrange it, by clicking pencil icon once notification bar is fully extended.

    Any chance to remove overscroll stretch animation? It makes me dizzy and looks terrible. I know that this is Android 12 thing, but seems that Samsung has removed it. As of now, the only option is to disable animations altogether, but it ruins phone experience.

  • rfkrfk Level 1

    Thanks for that privacy hint. I was wondering if there is any reason to go for Android 12, because it looks like it could make everything worse or at least the same as Android 11.

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