Rog 5 wifi not turning on

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My Rog 5 wifi not turning on plz tell my warranty period going to in 02/05/22 plz tell , after that can it cast for wifi issue because I'm at location where not servise centre of asus



  • niku425niku425 Level 1

    Today is 14/03/2021

  • rijal58_rijal58_ Level 1

    me too, my WiFi cant turn on

  • Hi niku425 and rijal58_

    Apology for the experience. For now, request you to please visit the service center. Please share the RMA via PM if you have any issues during service or any issues confirm via PM as well.

    Make sure you are on the latest software version, check under release notes. Factory reset your phone once.


  • Same problem. Wifi just doesn't turn on

  • Same for me...wifi and hotspot disabled.

    I have also done factory reset. Still not working.

  • WIFI and hotspot doesn't turn on, what's the solution?

  • Same, my rog phone 5s problem : wifi and hotspot cant turn on. Please the solution :(

  • Replace your motherboard at service center is your one and only solution

    After your warranty end I suggest you sell this phone because your phone wifi still can't turn on after you replace your motherboard

  • why asus, why. premium phone with this kind of flows. for shame =./

  • ItazmanItazman Level 1

    Same. After update the latest version 24/3/2022 I can't turn on the wifi function. Even after rebooting the device several times, it still does not work. but other phones can connect to wifi normally

  • My rog phone 5 wifi keeping turning off as soon as it is turn on . What should I do ?

  • ravi124ravi124 Level 1

    Hey guys just got the solution to fix it please check my comments it' relay helpful for me i have tried it check it got fixed the steps form here

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    remove the space in your link, it will be better or specify the

    Regarding the firmware downgrade this has been done by dozens of people without positive results for the majority

  • My wifi is not turning on.

  • Here we go again 😂

  • wildchildwildchild Level 1

    An update to my Wi-Fi network issue. I purchased phone on eBay international version from a seller in Texas. It's the ZS673KS Cn version (Mainland China). I reached out to the US Asus support online, they mention I have to contact CN support . I reached out to CN (Mainland China ) through email hoping I can ship the phone for them to repair or replace or whatever, they can't help me because I live outside of China. So I'm basically stuck with an expensive useless gaming phone with no help from the Asus committee.

    I have no idea what to do and I losing my trust and respect for Asus company.

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    This loss of trust is misplaced, especially if Asus is distributed in your country of residence.

    Asus US and Asus China will have answered correctly, they should have added "contact your reseller" it is up to him or it is up to you to buy a device outside the legal circuit.

  • wildchildwildchild Level 1

    Outside the legal circuit? Like everyone else I'm just a person who was persuaded in getting the Asus rog 5 gaming phone and bought it to have a great gaming experience. Then to encounter this, I surely won't be buying or recommending another Asus product if I wasted my time and money on this. I wonder if I would have encountered this if I had went with the legion or any other gaming phone on the market?

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