ROG 5 Joke performance even after the latest update .226



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    there we go 😄🤫😭

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    Worshipped by Gamers 🤣

    One Weapon to rule them all 😂

    Who are these tech Gurus that love this shitty phone? 😂😂😂

    All it ever gave me is stress and frustration using this phone.

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    Don't blame the mod. Blame the freaking dev. They responsible for every major shit that we experienced with every single major released of rog phone. Smh

  • Why support you mod, their work in any update problems to tell devs .But in this problem start up month June-2021 now today march-2022 still the issue didn't reached issue to Dev ears? I didn't tell dev is good one because he only developed the shit updats

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    So I did a test again but with hardcore tuning scenario on genshin impact I went all lvl 3 with the rog aero active cooler attach and change the game settings to mix high,medium settings and all the sudden the game is running at a stable 1.56ghz to 1.67ghz even if you go 45c above.. the problem is If you remove the aero active cooler the CPU lock again at 1.08ghz when you reach around 45c above using another cooler brand is a no go cuz the lvl 3 thermals will only activate when it detects the official rog 5 cooler😕

    Now at least the game is running a much better fps

    Without recording around 38 fps to 40fps to 50 plus fps during combat.

    with recording around 30plus to 40plus fps during combat.

    which is bearable for now...

    my graphic settings

    but still the phone is still not performing the advertise speed when it comes to playing genshin impact... and you also need the official rog 5 cooler for this to work 😕

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    Restrictions imposed by asus deliberately to hamper the performance. Nothing can we do now if devs have become deaf.

    Otherwise with xmode+ on it was a gaming beast.

  • What bro you saying?The product was defect because the update. I have the proof and i compare with Friend mobile (rog5)recorded video see it.

    My mobile level 2 performance after 40° its get .210 update 1.42 ghz only, after .226 update 1.08 ghz without aerocooler.

    But my friend phone rog5

    Level 1 performance (without active cooler) 40° get 1.31- 1.79ghz- 1.90or 2.04ghz randomly

    Level 1 performance (without active cooler)42° get 1.31-1.79 ghz stable at 1.79ghz

    Level 2 performance (without active cooler) 44° get 1.90ghz stable

    (Note:He not used xmode and x mode+)

    Now asus what are you going to tell these kind of problem?

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    Asus is not alone in intentionally limiting performance in games, Samsung just did the same and thousands of users are angry.

    As at Samsung it must be easily circumventable / demonstrable, it is enough that the game is not recognized in the game management software, here Armory Create.

    There are two solutions;

    * in any case

    - Remove your game from Armory Create (Game genius - Games toolbar - position the cursor on the left for the games)

    A) Solution with Armory Create (Please note that some games refuse to change the name of the APK, to be tested for Gensing Impact)

    1 - Rename the APK of the game with a file manager (X-plore File Manager, ES File Explorer for example)

    2 - Install the ASUS fan to be able to activate the X+ mode

    3 - Add in Armory Create your Games which bears the new name you gave it

    4 - Set it to your favorite Hardcore setting

    B) Solution without Armory Create

    - Check that you have removed the game from Armory Create

    -Configure the FPS that your game supports via Android settings

    - Install ASUS fan

    - Install ASUS Fan, Enable X Mode

    Launch your game, you will not have the display of FPS, CPU and temperature but you should feel the difference which must be noticeable.

    You can also install a CPU plugin like Cpu Float to check CPU frequencies

    Pay attention to the temperature of the System otherwise you will enlarge the club of Wifi / Hotspot OFF

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    Asus ROG Zephyrus Duo 16 Laptop Coming to CES 2022 With Gaming Power

    Is it true that this is very good for performance in playing games that have a large capacity?

    As we can see on laptop asus

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    What max temperature is safe according to you?

    With cooler ____°C

    Without cooler ____°C

  • FunBike31FunBike31 Level 5

    45-46° is a high limit, Temperature displayed in Armory Create which is the system temperature and which is also within 1 or 2° of the battery temperature. The SOC can (should) withstand much higher temperatures. >100°.

    The main limitation even before the feeling on your hands is the temperature of the battery, at 45° its life is reduced in large proportions. 45° just in storage and it's ~30% less.

    Unfortunately, I did not physically see a motherboard after the Wifi/hotspot failure but I had some feedback concerning soldering problems, these are made by bain and should resist +200°, which would suggest a manufacturing problem because at 50° displayed the SOC is around 80-90°, far from this limit.

    With or without a cooler is not necessary, a temperature is acceptable yes or no, and for this temperature to be acceptable so as not to reduce the life of the batteries too much, the cooler is mandatory, unfortunately, not that of Asus , it is particularly inefficient.

    It remains that even at 50° this should not be the cause of the breakdowns, except for the battery which will have its capacity/lifespan reduced by +50% in a short time.

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