Can't download Chrome on my new zenfone8

patrick99patrick99 Level 1
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Is there a reason why I can't download Chrome on my new phone.

I press install, and 3 seconds later I get the install button again. Nothing downloading.

At a loss



  • PhaGWiZPhaGWiZ Level 2
    edited March 6

    You can always try Bromite, its basically the same as Chrome but open source (meaning the code is open to the public to see and monitor) and it blocks ads, scroll down to the bottom there will be a download button

  • try chrome canary or another browser and try update google play services.

    maybe work(=^_^=)/

  • Chris1Chris1 Level 2

    Just give a try to Vivaldi, based on chromium and full of features ?

  • patrick99patrick99 Level 1

    24 hours later I was able to download.

    at a loss, but fine now.


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