3rd party charger problem

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Hey forum, just had a search for my issue and already found this discussion, which is closed:

So I want to chime in as another not so happy person. I was testing my new Zenfone 8 on my Anker Powerport Atom III Slim 63w USB C port and it started charging, first showing normal charge, then 1 second quick charge, then not charging, repeat forever. Yes, there are a million charging standards, but this is clearly erroneous behavior which cannot be good for the battery, I was lucky to catch it before going to sleep.

USB A-to-C ports luckily work, though slowly.

Also yes, the charger works with literally any other device and I am aware the Zenfone's manual says to only use the first party charger. Everyone, including Asus, must be aware that this would be an insane limitation. You expect me to carry my 1st party charger everywhere just in case I need a charge and they only have incompatible chargers? Come on.


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