No USB-C display output on ROG Flow X13 GV301QE



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    @Blake_ASUS @GEEK_ASUS is there any update? I have been having this issue too, since I purchased this laptop last June. I recently updated to BIOS 408 and I am still having issues with connecting to a monitor via USB-C DisplayPort.

    If I update the BIOS using ASUS EZ flash, or do a hard reset (hold power button for 30 seconds), I will usually get the USB-C DisplayPort working again. But then eventually both ports will stop working again. What's most frustrating is that it's unclear exactly what is causing it. It seems to be some combination of unplugging, sleep, hibernate, or just being unplugged from USB-C for some period of time. HDMI always works, but I bought this laptop because I wanted to both charge the laptop and use a monitor with one cord. It's very frustrating that this issue still has not been fixed.

    The monitor I am using is a Dell UltraSharp U2720Q. What's even more puzzling is that while the display always will eventually stop working and require an annoying restart/reflash, the USB-C power delivery through the monitor will continue working.

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    I can't believe Asus don't realise this is an issue.

    I've got the GV301QH with 408 bios running win10 attached to a Dell U2720Q through USBC. Mine will work intermittently, but never more than twice in a row. This has been an ongoing issue since purchase. There are heaps of threads about this issue on reddit, without any fix. (I'm not allowed to post them yet).

    This issue is widespread. Everyone has updated every bit of software / driver, and it doesn't fix it permanently. Most people can get it to work once or twice post firmware update but then it stops again. It affects both USBC ports, with multiple monitors.

    I'm almost to the point of returning it as it is not fit for purpose.

    Asus, please stop asking for more information, and test your hardware / software - it is an easily reproducible fault. There hasn't been a single person that has denied it is an issue with their x13, of any configuration.

  • @jasonma78 have you tried my fix on Reddit? Updating to Non-WHQL-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-22.1.1-Win10-Win11-64Bit-Jan11 fixed the issue for me, but I have QC model.

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    I'm not sure how many of you took the advice to send the x13 back for repairs.

    I did, and just got it back after almost 4 weeks! They changed the motherboard and tested and indeed it came back working.

    Now, after the repairs, the usb C connection remains stable during use. I didn't encounter the same sudden display signal loss as before. But now I have a different related issue much like for the many who reported in the Zentalk.

    After the repair, I decided to go to win11 directly. The x13 typically works well with USB C connection to display and for charging from bootup. Then after using for a while, if I unplug the USB C connection, then reconnect, the display does not work more than half the time, although PD charging still works.

    Disconnect and reconnect cannot recover the display.

    To recover, I need to disconnect the USB C, shutdown, bootup again, and connect USB C. Typically it works ok. But I should take care not to disconnect the USB C, otherwise, I have to shutdown completely again.

    It might be a software or firmware issue. Hope ASUS can resolve this for x13 which is supposed to be a premier product. But so far this issue has marred the product quite seriously!

  • It is an old AMD driver

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    So that's the same problem I've been having. USBC charging works, but USBC Displayport output works once or twice then dies. This is a widespread problem with no solution. All drivers are updated in Armoury Crate / My Asus.

    I don't want to send in my laptop for 4 weeks, and have the same problem again when I get it back.

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    There was a firmware update today. After the update this morning, I tested the usb C disconnect/reconnect routine for 4 times and each time the display came back on. I was getting more optimistic when the 5th try failed again!

    This same evening, I rebooted again. Then used the laptop with the usb C display for a few hours. Then I decided to disconnect and reconnect. It failed to reconnect the display on the first try and could not reconnect without shutdown. So this morning's 4 disconnect/reconnect with the usb C working was just lucky.

    The problem still remains.

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    Interestingly, when I tried the same disconnect/reconnect procedure with the left side usb C, it seems to be working well after more than 10 times without the need to shutdown.

    For the right side usb C, it is now failing almost every time I disconnect. I have to shutdown, reboot, sometimes have to try a few times before the display comes on.

  • Hi there,

    Thanks for your update.

    We are continuing feedback information to related department.

    We are scheduled to have next time FW update by the end of Feb. to fix the right side USB C.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Great news! Thank you so much for working at this. I also recently noticed some strange sleep-mode issues were fixed recently,, great timing as I'll be back on university campus near the end of the month.

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    Today I have received the new firmware update! and after the update, both type C port are working fine now even with multiple plug & unplug trial (which previously would fail after 1 or 2 trial). Thanks ASUS team!

  • I just received this update as well, I haven't had any issues on my current setup before the update, but will test with my university dorm setup where this issue originally occurred soon! I go back in ~ 2 weeks yay

    It's great to see the Flow X13 getting updates like this, especially after the recent release of the Flow Z13. I'm glad that I chose ROG!

  • What firmware update is this and where can I find it? I don't see any recent updates in Armoury Crate or MyAsus but I'm also having this USB-C display problem.

  • I received another firmware update to version 409 today. Tried to disconnect/reconnect the right side USB C 10 times and each time it worked. I think the issue seems to be solved! Thanks ASUS team for working on this.

  • Hi @kejgoh ,

    It's great to hear the issue resolved.

    Thank you.

  • Wow. It seems like my issue is fixed. Firmware 409 and this other PD update (in the MyAsus app), which I can't seem to find anymore, seems to have fixed the problem.

    Cautiously optimistic but thank you Asus!

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