[2022] Long-term experience/review of the ZenFone 7/7 Pro?

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The ZenFone 7/7 Pro has now been out for more than a year, and I'm considering buying it. How has your experience been so far? How is the hardware holding up after (approximately) one year of use?


Please share your long-term experience of the device. I’d be great if you note how long you’ve owned it, and if you’ve encountered any problems/surprises etc.


This will be interesting for both current and potential ZenFone 7/7 Pro owners :)


Looking forward to reading your replies!



  • TagionTagion Level 2

    I own the ZF7 since release.

    I wouldn't buy this phone anymore. Mainly because the updates haven't been good lately. Bugs don't get fixed. One update bricks the phones, the next one destroyed the performance.

    A12 will likely be the last update as well. I was in A11 Beta Programm and it took really long to get major bugs fixed, so I don't have high hopes for A12...

    Otherwise the phone is still good. Battery life is less than you'd expect from a 5000mAh battery tho.

  • More than 1 year since I have the phone... I am very dissapointed and I would not buy it again. I had issues with the A11 update(after A11 I was not getting notifications at all..or only 2 times per day). Of course no one from Asus believed though I have provided log, videos and all that they requested...once it started to happen on other devices they came clean and fixed it...but after 3 months while I was rebooting the phone 3 or 4 times per day to make it work... Next they broke the system performance ..again after 3 weeks no reply ... The thread is still open, no answer... I thing it will take another 3 month so they fix it again...

    There is another bug I reported on Sept last year with the screen recorder....my thread was closed without any fix or answer...anoher one exactly the same was openend yesterday by somebody else....most probably another update will come and still without a fix for it...

    AOD implementation sucks on ZF7 pro...it's a simple watch that just consumes battery...totally useless, they did not even try to provide something else ..

    Camera? Hmmm... if you don't take portraits or pictures of people it is good. On people....hmmm ...they look like plastic... Like their faces is made of plastic...like barbie .... Their beautify algorithms does somethings to faces and it cannot be disabled...For landscapes it is ok, even more than ok most of times...but for people I always take shots with other phone...

    Volte lacks despite I am on Vodafone DE network ... I cannot talk with someone on phone and surf the web at the dame time... It's 2022 and all custom roms provide it...Asus cannot...

    So more than 1 year later, 699 euro (it was an offer) and lot's of issues later...I would advise you not to buy it...if you want stock android, pixel 6 is the best solution (despite issues, it has less issues than my zf7 pro). Otherwise I am sure you can find somethig better at the same price ... I am totally disappointed...

  • Oh...I forgot to mention..after a while after I bought the phone I opened this thread:

    After more than a year, guess how many have been fixed...

  • topolovtopolov Level 3
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    I have 7 pro for one year.


    • 1. Good performance, apps loading faster comparing with mid-range phones with lpddr4 and ufs 2.1
    • 2. Great WiFi
    • 3. If update is stable one, works perfectly
    • 4. separate SD slot
    • 5. Battery is good
    • 6. Supports PD and PPS, I can use one charger for laptop and phone
    • 7. LED


    • 1. Lack of 3.5 jack not because phone is waterproof (it isn't), but because Asus didn't manage to find suppliers
    • 2. No wireless charging
    • 3. For safe use you should buy Rhinoshield case, because native rugged case is slippery
    • 4. In 3rd-party apps like videochats you can use only ultrawide camera as selfie.
    • 5. No waterproof
    • 6. Battery tests with physical meters shows capacity around 4600-4800 mAh for new phones. Software tools show the same.
    • 7. Poor VoLTE support in the world, unclear future plans.
    • 8. Lack of support from Asus on this forum
    • 9. Always on Display is just a clock, no notification icons, totally useless
    • 10. Unstable updates from time to time
    • 11. Not a flagship in terms of number of major updates

    +\- Controversial:

    • Screen. Really bright and cool, but there is a black square visible on bright sun. This is the place where screen fingerprint sensor supposed to be, but Asus didn't manage to put it under screen and placed in power button. If I knew that before buying phone, I wouldn't buy it. If you live somewhere in north, you won't notice that.
    • Camera. Totally sucks in Portrait mode and HDR. GCam works a way better in any mode. ZF8 has the same sensor and taking pictures better. Video is OK. I raised few topic regarding issues with quality and settings of camera app, Asus decided to ignore them all. If you don't use camera, it's not problem for you.

  • The phone has many negatives 1- The battery does not last long 2- The temporary screen hour is very unsuccessful unlike the rest of the companies that have taken care of this aspect such as Samsung 3- Not fixing the errors that people raise in the forum 4- Not taking the ideas and opinions of people who wish to add and modify programs for the phone that are from It is easy for the company to add it in updates, such as canceling the line at the bottom of the phone and others 5- Weakness of the upper phone headset when receiving a call or when calling and the imbalance of the two headphones when playing music

  • As you said, in a very bright day the square on the screen in the place where supposed probably to be the fingerprint sensor it is visible

  • Yep, this one. For me it was a surprise no one wrote about it here.

  • It was written a couple of times...

    and the thread point to the original thread too

  • All phones have their drawbacks but overall I am happy with my zenfone 7

  • Cool, haven't seen this topic previously. Arguments there are correct - "Do you have a premium car with a hole in the roof, prepared for sunroof ?"

    On phones with oled panels and fingerprint sensor implemented there are no such dark areas.

  • Aryan202Aryan202 Level 5
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    There are two possible scenarios

    1.Asus was initially planning to implement under display scanner and side FP was a later change

    2.Considering that almost all OLED panels have an under display fp the panel sourced from samsung had thar cutout by default or the particular batch asus ordered

  • Anyway, if I knew that in time, I wouldn't buy ZF7, because it looks terrible during summer. Like you have some strange shadow over your screen. Maybe it's because screen is too bright, lol.

    Reviews I checked before buying were written during winter, so probably authors didn't notice this issue as well.

  • eddddedddd Level 2
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    I've had it for 13 months now, 4 Zenfone 7 Pros in total due to unnecessary RMA, to be exact.


    • it's a brick when used with Rhinoshield.
    • Very loud bottom speaker. It can ring VERY LOUD. You can turn the volume so high that you will definitely hear it, whatever you are playing.
    • Notification LED
    • Very bright and very dark screen when required
    • Good GPS (as long as it's not broken by updates)
    • High performance. I already forgot what it means to wait.
    • Great videos (4K 60fps + OIS + very good sound) and good photos overall.
    • True 64MP photo mode with some limitations (e.g. rolling shutter). Not many phones can boast about it
    • 3 slots: 2 SIM and 1 SD Card
    • Good battery for such specs
    • Ability to use main camera for selfies
    • Good overall build quality
    • Fast charging
    • Battery saving options (charge capacity and power limit)
    • OS literally never crashes (it has quirks and bugs) but I think it never crashed even once on me.


    • Plain phone calling is no longer working reliably here in Germany, as 3G got permanently disabled. Sound is interrupted in calls randomly as soon as phone jumps to 4G.
    • Battery capacity is around 4500, not 5000 as advertised.
    • Too aggressive noise reduction in photos. Some places it works, some places it is annoying.
    • Not well calibrated focus to infinity. Landscapes come out blurry. Best distance for focus is a few meters.
    • The camera module hinge does not have an encoder, it is mostly very loose when taking photos of documents from above.
    • There are random software bugs and they are REALLY random. I guess this is the reason why the phone never crashes - maybe it has all bugchecks disabled?
    • Many quirks are unknown to ASUS itself, even less to its support staff. I sent my phone 3 times back for non-issues.
    • USB 2.0 only, but I don't care that much.
    • No headphone jack.
    • Not even minimal waterproofing.
    • Touch input is jittery in some apps, especially multi-touch.
    • Fingerprint readers annoy me. This one cannot bare sweaty, greasy, manly fingers. You need to wash them, dry them, clean the sensor, then hold the finger for 1min for it to register inside apps sometimes. My Dell laptop from 2007 is better at this.
    • I don't know if this is ASUS-only: My old Android phone allowed me to boot without entering SIM PIN, but this one insists on unlocking SIM first. This is not that useful for some scenarios, where I can't remove the SIM immediately.
    • Speakers have barely any bass.
    • Speakers are unbalanced.
    • Zoom sensor is a bit weaker, also not convinced by its focus to infinity.

  • Wow, what a great summary! May I ask why you decided to RMA your previously 3 ZenFone 7 Pros? Has your current device had any severe hardware issues?

  • eddddedddd Level 2
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    My previous device was Lenovo P2 and it got like 3 updates and that was it, but everything was working nearly flawlessly, apart from it being very slow and having terribad camera. It had like 3 LTE bands.

    Now, with the Zenfone in my hands, light years apart in terms of specs, I really started testing all the shiny new features and quickly found things that looked like issues, but were just a reality of cutting edge technology. I had simply no idea, so I reported them and every support rep advised to send it in.

    First was irregular green when brightness is below 50% at 90Hz. All Zenfones have it, because 4 of them that I had have it as well. I thought my screen was defective at first...

    Then, the auto brightness was acting up. I had to re-enable it from time to time.

    Then, there were vertical interference/noise stripes in 64 MP RAW shots on high ISO in dark conditions. I thought it was defect. Later I learned that rolling shutters are a thing and it somehow does make sense: pixels are so tiny, they can absorb interference from the phone itself as it processes data from the rolling shutter.

    Now I know that those are non-issues, as all 4 behaved the same. I feel like the latest update has also made the phone more stable in terms of random bugs, but time will tell. All in all I wish those issues were documented so I would not waste my time with useless RMA and so I know for sure the phones are not defective. I must say I am impressed how repeatable the "issues" are, hardware is built really well.

    The real issue now not counting bugs introduced by updates (fixed and not fixed) is VoLTE.

  • I get where you’re coming from: When buying a new device, you really want to make sure that it’s functioning properly. Regarding the irregular green when brightness is below 50%, is this also noticeable when running at 60hz? And since you’ve had 4 different devices, did this ‘phenomenon’ differ in intensity between them? I’ve seen a few Nintendo Switch OLEDs (which runs at 60hz), all with some degree of green tint at low brightness on grey backgrounds, but there seemed to be quite a big difference in how prevalent it was (panel lottery, I assume). I wonder how much variation there is between ZenFone 7 devices. 

  • eddddedddd Level 2
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    No, 90 Hz only. I am also not sure what people mean by "green tint", but I assume it is the same issue. I noticed a suboptimal green uniformity at 90 Hz below 50% brightness, but I did not compare colors 90 vs 60 Hz. The panel simply operates differently and I think it is not really rated for 90 Hz or that low brightness, or they decided that it's not that noticeable and went for it anyway on ASUS or Samsung side. From what I observed across 4 devices, I could not tell the difference at all with my eye, so technically they could implement a screen filter in the GPU for all phones. But, I don't know if it's temperature related. I think it's just how OLEDs operate - they are not perfect at this pixel density.

    I checked my old phone and there it has bad uniformity for white instead of green and it's now really noticeable but I did not care until I got the ZF... In terms of modern manufacturing, I would say there is barely any lottery anymore as testing processes and binning can be quite advanced for big manufacturing these days. You either get a broken dud or a device built to spec.

  • It's a great phone, but it's not well supported and it really feels like it was developed by an understaffed team working only part-time. It's really not worth it.

    After the whole volume call fiasco, the glass on the cameras shattered after me being outside on a cold day (-20C) -- no it didn't fall. Quote for repair was +160 EUR (and btw, Asus USA denied the repair because "I'd have to go back to where I got the phone"); and guess what? The parts are out of stock! So here you have it, a manufacturing defect that is not covered under warranty, and even if you're willing to pay you have to wait +2 months.

    ASUS phones stem from great ideas, but have really poor execution. I'd not recommend it to anyone.

  • Dear @miguelsmatos,

    Could you provide us with your RMA number and product serial number through direct message? I have sent an direct message to you. Please click the icon "✉" on the top right of the website to check your mail box. Thank you.

  • Update on the above:

    The contact with ASUS (@Karen_ASUS) went as any other contact: initial prompt responses and then stopped replying. I was told by the repair center that the “glass damage extent cannot be explained by weather conditions” (again, only the glass is damaged and it had been in my pocket for almost 2 months following the spontaneous cracks started developing).

    Anyways, I had already accepted the 160 EUR repair cost; but the new replacement parts arrived scratched/defective! Tells you a lot about the quality of these parts and how mine "magically" got broken in my pocket.

    The phone has now been in the repair center for almost 20 days! ASUS has to win some kind of prize for worst support in the universe. Why does everything need to be so poorly done??

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