Fingerprint failure

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The fingerprint option is disabled from the settings. It was not fixed with a factory reset. Unfortunately, do you have a solution?


  • It would be necessary to describe the circumstances, after a shift, after a game, a shock?

    On the other hand, this failure is also frequently linked with a failure on the SIM card, SIM 1 and 2 work without problem

    Has the calculator test .12345+= been done?

  • DebyDeby Level 1

    I have this problem also, any solution on this?

  • Only solution is a motherboard replacement

  • You all want miracle solutions after writing a single word "Breakdown, HS, no longer works", and even then the people who can help know that it's the fingerprint reader, it's not even the case all the time.

    Then as soon as you ask a question, it's as if you were asking an intimate question, there is no one left.

    Visit the service center

  • rStarrStar Level 2

    Motherboard is replaced

    I'm still in service center..

    This issue is new to me.

    They did a test with half kilo weight and its Working again..

    Visit service center ASAP @Rebwar

  • Recalibration is mandatory in all cases to finalize a repair, but there may be other prior operations related to the cause of the failure.

    Change of screen, opening of the Rog 5, improvement in reading after a long month depending on the conditions of use, after the installation of a screen protector.

    It is a kit that can easily be purchased commercially, usually sold without the weight between 10 and 20€, it requires external software or code to perform the calibration in addition to this tool.

    It is a tool that will be good to have at home with the generalization of sensors under the screen.

    In any case, it cannot repair a reader if a component has burned out, if a cable is disconnected or no longer makes contact (frequent on the Rog 5), so without precision on the circumstances and the test .12345+= that does not help to answer

  • You're correct. This video might be helpful for some:

  • Yes but before, in 90% of cases, you will have to reconnect the cable (SIM and Figerprint are linked), and therefore this video.

    Attention, do not reproduce at home for the majority of users

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