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  1. you have Zenfone 7 pro for more than one year.
  2. you don't have original charger with you

How to repeat:

  1. Discharge your phone to 0%
  2. Try to charge it with regular 5V2A charger - you won't be able to do it.

Phone will be trying to start and then immediately turning off again. Issue was originally found by another 4pda user few weeks ago on previous firmware. Now I can confirm this is true.

RMA is not applicable, with original charger it works.


  • Kek, I have even worse situation l, then guys from 4pda. Even if I have phone charged to 16% and I turn it off, I can't charge it with 3rd party charger, if it is in turned off state.

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    Also suck: samsung 25w charger, pd 2.0 20w, baseus 45w pd powerbank.

    100w pd wall charger works.

    I'll do more descriptive post next time, unless moderators will answer earlier

  • Okay, I'm returning with additional info.

    I've tested a lot of cables and chargers. Problem is not with chargers, problem with cables.

    If you have good cable, it will charge your turned off phone with 0% battery with any charger.

    If you have bad cable, it will not charge your turned off phone with 0% battery (despite being able to quick charge your phone, if it is turned on).

    I don't consider this as in issue. Because I have experience with honor 8, which burned during being charged with 3rd-party cable😁 So Asus way is better here, I prefer discharged, but not broken phone.

    Good cables, work with any charger:

    • Asus original cable
    • Ikea Type A - Type C
    • One Plus
    • Baseus PD 100w 1meter

    Bad cables, will not charge with any charger:

    • ANY Huawei
    • Baseus pd 100w 2meter - works only with Wotobe
    • Any regular Type A - Type C or Type C - Type C, e.g. for scanner or SSD.
    • Modern Baseus Type A- Type C cables, like 5A, 66W etc

    Battery condition

    Device used for testing

    Tested cables:

    Baseus Type A - Type C 5A

    Ikea Type A - Type C

    Baseus 100w PD 1 meter & 2 meter

    Huawei from Huawei SuperCharge power bank

    Baseus Type A - Type C 66w

    One Plus Type A - Type C

    Bunch of regular cables (none of them ok for my case)

    Tested chargers


    Baseus 45w power bank

    Energizer 65w


    Type C output on laptop hp 840 G5

    Huawei Supercharge powerbank

    Huawei fast charger with original cable

    Huawei supercharger with original cable

    One Plus with original cable

    Tronsmart 18w QC 2.0



    The only charger which didn't work in that state with any state, 850ma

  • Just to finish with this topic.

    I've bought battery from official parts reseller (recommended by techsupport) and replaced it myself, new battery has production date 5 days older then battery from phone, it shows the same result with witrn as when phone was new, 4650 mah, feels much better now.

    And with new battery this incompatibility with 3rd party chargers still exist, maybe it is some software protection, when my zf7pro was new, I was able to charge it at 0% with any cable. Now, even with new battery, it's not possible.

    But again, I don't consider this is as bad thing if it protects the phone.

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