What SSD Compatibility for UX410UAK?

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  1. System: win 10
  2. Model: UX410UAK
  3. Hello - I would like to upgrade my UX410AK, which is quite slow. I want to understand what SSD storage are compatible, to make sure I can buy the right one without issue.

I have 500GB HDD installed, a few questions:

1- what are the details I need to know when buying a M2 SSD : PCIE or SATA? NVMe ? Any maximum storage limit (I am looking at another 500MB). I want to make sure I buy the right SSD product

2- Can I keep the HDD installed and have an M2 installed at the same time ?

3- if M2 is not possible, what are the details of the 2.5in SSD storage I need to install ?

Thanks a lot !



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