Simcard slot randomly stops working and leaves me offline.

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Hi, it's almost since the beginning of December that I'm facing this problem. Whatever sim card i put on slot 1, it randomly stops working. Sometimes all of a sudden, sometimes when I deactivate the airplane mode in the morning.

There's a 50/50 chance I'm able to recover it, otherwise I have to wait until it goes back to work again. It could take hours or even days. Living in a foreign country it's a must have (for me) to have both sims working all time.

I have already tried all the easy steps you mentioned to the other guys: clear cache, restart, swap sim, use only slot 1, reset the network settings -> no success at all.

I then tried to upgrade to Android 12 hoping it was just a software bug: nothing. Then I tried to reset the phone: nothing.

I then started looking at the logcat (focusing on the errors) to see if some info are useful for you (which you can look at the pics attached)

Now, I bought the smartphone in my birth country but now i'm living in another one (Still in Europe) for work reason. How can I get support without staying with no smartphone, which nowadays is a vital device for the everyday life? Is this a software bug that could be solved with the next patch?


  • Hi @dantnt

    Does it happen only one slot 1? The second slot is working fine?

    Also did you try with a different sim card?

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    I tried everything... Also the SIM card on slot 2 is not working in the slot 1.

    Just to let you know, since I wrote this post, it has not happened until today. And now I'm obliged to use the "foreign" SIM card...

  • Try swapping the preferred data services to the other Sim card,as in if you are using Sim slot one for data swap it to slot two, leave the Sim cards as they are just swap the data services and see what happens.

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    After the first slot stops working I don't get any signal. The phone just thinks I have only the second sim installed. Therefore I can select, of course, only the slot 2 as preferred data services (If you mean that option in the "sim card" settings menu).

    Those logs I captured could be useful for the devs? Do you think it's something fixable by a fw update?

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    Ok yesterday something worse happened.

    I was watching YouTube on wifi. Both SIM were functioning.

    Suddenly the screen goes black. No response from touch nor all of the buttons. I had to force restart it. After that the SIM 1 was dead (almost as usual).

  • I don't know but I have had similar experiences on my zenfone 7. I ended up getting a replacement Sim card which seems to have helped but it still happens from time to time, not as bad as yours though. If it happens to me I have to turn it onto flight mode and off again and it comes good. So thinking about it probably yes a FW update could be the fix , only problem is the two of us are not enough for the powers that be to sit up and take note.

  • What firmware/Android do you have? I used to have trouble with the first SIM, just not as bad. It stopped working for voice calls once (it took a restart to recover) and I used to lose data connection when moving in different areas of the country. I initialy thought there was a SIM card problem. But I updated the phone to android 12, and since then I've had no problems with the data connection, no matter where I went.

  • I did everything that was possible to do without voiding the warranty. Of course also upgrading to A12, reformat, clean cache and whatever.

    I will probably switch to the Galaxy S22 (it's a pity they don't include Asus phones in their trade-in offer) and send this zenfone to be serviced. And thereafter hopefully manage to sell it as second hand...

    That's sad because I like it a lot, but I didn't expect to find malfunctions even in basic stuff like CALLS/DATA... malfunctions that I never found even in cheaper unknown brands.

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